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Celltech Hardcore Lemon Lime

World's #1 Selling Musclebuilding Creatine Formula Massive gains in muscle size in just 7 days!*Clinically proven 26x more powerful than regular creatine*Instantly induces an anabolic insulin effect for maximum muscle creatine saturation*Packs on muscle and strength faster than any other creatine product available*ANABOLICALLY INFUSED WITH:Hardcore Anabolic Creatine MatrixHyperosmotic Cell VolumizersBiomedical Saturation OptimizerAccelerated Insulin Maximizers Powered by State-of-the-Art Nanomolecular Hyperdispersion Technology The Cell-Tech Hardcore advantage CELL-TECH HARDCORE is the fastest acting, most powerful advanced musclebuilding creatine formula ever developed by science. Powered by Nanomolecular Hyperdispersion Technology, CELL-TECH HARDCORE goes to work immediately, supersaturating your muscle with its Hyperosmotic accelerated creatine matrix. CELL-TECH HARDCORE overcomes solubility deficiencies of regular creatine using a precise portion of nanoparticulated creatine particles. These microscopic creatine particles are a fraction of the size of regular creatine particle and can only be seen through the most powerful electron microscopes. Nanoparticulated creatine particles have an extremely high bioavailability, targeting muscles faster for unparalleled creatine delivery and myocellular saturation. Based on available published research, there has been nothing proven superior to CELL-TECH HARDCORE. It's the ultimate advanced creatine formula for anyone serious about gaining muscle and getting strong extremely quickly. The Formula Each serving of CELL-TECH HARDCORE provides an incredibly effective 10-gram dose of Crea-Edge, a perfect blend of musclebuilding creatine that includes a precise portion of nano-particulate creatine monohydrate, creatine alpha-Ketoglutarate, TriCreatine HCA, and the most revolutionary new form or creatine CREAKIC. CELL-TECH HARDCORE is designed with a biomedical delivery system that includes 75 grams of advanced, laboratory-grade dextrose. This precise amount of dextrose has been proven in numerous human clinical studies to rapidly induce supra physiological insulin levels. Insulin is the key anabolic hormone responsible for driving creatine into the muscles precisely where it needs to be to produce rapid results. And to amplify this cutting-edge delivery system, CELL-TECH HARDCORE also contains 200 milligrams of the powerful insulin potentiators alpha lipoic acid (ALA). ALA targets the receptors on the muscle cell surface, sensitizing them to propel even more creatine into the muscles for explosive gains. The Science No other creatine formula has been as thoroughly researched and clinically studied as CELL-TECH HARDCORE. 44 separate clinical studies and counting testify to the shocking musclebuilding power of CELL-TECH HARDCORE and its ingredients. In a groundbreaking clinical study at McMaster University, one extraordinary subject using CELL-TECH HARDCORE stunned researchers after he gained 17.4 pounds of new mass in just 8 weeks!* In another clinical study, CELL-TECH HARDCORE was clinically proven to be 25 times more powerful than creatine at building mass in just 28 days. In this same study, one extraordinary subject gained 7 pounds in just 7 days! The science is conclusive: There is no better creatine product available than CELL-TECH HARDCORE. It is literally the most effective creatine product ever developed by science!*
Product: Celltech Hardcore Lemon Lime
Brand: Muscletech (More Products)
Size: 4.5 Pound Powder
Retail: $56.99
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