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New Generation of Creatine
by HZhu

If you have ever used creatine monohydrate, you know that you have to take up to 20 grams of creatine a day just to keep your body saturated. However, cell mass is different. It is creatine ethyl ester that your body absorbs 10 times better than monohydrate. I only need to take 5 grams of this a day. I do not experience bloating or have the "puffy" look from monohydrate. This is absorbed a lot better by my body and has given me a more defined look since the cells absorb almost all of the CEE. I would recommend this product for more advanced trainers.

Best tasting Creatine Ive tried!
by Kevin

I've taken numerous other types of creatine (TRAC, GNC Pro Performance, etc) and this is by far the best tasting creatine supplement Ive ever tasted. Seems to work great too, I've added about 20 lbs to my bench press since starting this about a month ago. My girlfriend and family also tells me they see a difference in my body, specifically my arms. I am also taking NO XPLODE concurrently with this product. They seem to be stacking well together. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to spend the money on creatine, since it is a bit more expensive than others.

by Kevin

Cell Mass is awesome, and it's even better when combined with NO-XPLODE. These are the best there is hands down. My family and friends have always considered me to be the “skinny,” when I know they meant scrawny, one of the family. I’ve been on this combo for about 2 months now and I have seen an unbelievable amount of lean mass gains. I am 5’8’’ and I have jumped in weight from 142 to 153. This difference was in muscle mass. Just 4 weeks into this I saw a difference and now I don’t want to stop.

by William

"Whoa!" This is what I said when I first tasted Cell Mass. The taste reminds me of a liquid Sour-Patch kid with a hint of carbonation. I do not know what ingredient causes such an intense sensation, but it is good. My girlfriend who does not work out likes to drink one with me because of the taste. Cell Mass is at the cutting edge of Creatine technology. Monohydrate Creatine is a way of the past; this incredible creatine-ester has much less water retention properties. Excellent product.

Creatine - No good
by Dave

My brother plays football and tried Cell Mass once, he didn't really like it since it seems to add a lot of water weight. Also, he researched the effects of creatine and found out that it could cause a variety of long term problems like kidney problems. He didn't really think it was worth the risk.

Great product to increase strength and stamina for weight lifting!
by Lisa

My husband weightlifts 5-6 days a week and takes this product about 30 minutes prior to workout. He swears by this brand - it gives him more strength and stamina to lift more and stay stronger for longer durations through his workout. He has said some of the other brands he has tried repeat on him, but this one is pretty smooth going down! Great when mixed with water or orange juice!

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