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Good stuff
by Sean

Not a bad supplement at all. The caffeine definitely helps sustain a rough workout. Gave a wicked good pump as well. Tastes horrible, but that matters less than the efficacy.

by Jyssica

i dont like the taste of this product

best for workout
by zuriel valdez

its the best product ive tried. it tast great and it gives u so much engergy and power !!!!!!!!! i can lift so much more and longer now i really suggest u take this product

Works great, but dont take too much
by N

This product works amazingly. I suggest taking 2 scoops, the first about an hour before your workout, and the second about 15 minutes later. if you space out the scoops, it hits your system a little less hard and it seems to work better for me, and drink it with a good amount of water ( i drink about half a gallon). If you drink this much water before your workout you will stay nice and hydrated, although you may have to take a few pee breaks. But i made a mistake today, i took 3 scoops for the first time, spacing each out about 15 minutes a scoop, and although i had a really good workout, i was extremely tired and didnt feel too good. but its all good, i will just take 2 scoops from now on. this stuff is kinda expensive for the quantity you get, but it really does work, so i will continue using it!

not for this girlie!
by michele

as far as energy and a rediculous awesome workout this stuff is the shit! I could run faster longer, harder. I could lift heavier. i could blast through my spin and boot camp classes. I was so physched to get to the gym BUT......................
i was super bloated and gained a pond and a half this is while eating clean and blasting throgh an hour of intense cardio a day i was freaked and then realized there is creatine in this stuff
stopped it bloating was gone and lost the pounds wouldn't recommend for girls unless you can tolerate creatone

Incredible pre-workout boost
by Barry

I have tried this product and compared it with competing brands such as Higher Power NO-XS. I have to say, the focus, intensity, and pump after taking this 30 minutes prior to my workout out performed above all others. The proprietary blend to include Creatine Ethyl Ester was much better than other brands with ONLY Creatine Monohydrate, which tends to cause bloating and unwanted water retention.
I plan to continue with NO-Xplode to obtain these mind blowing pumps.

Pricy, but works
by Lindsey

Okay, as a frugal shopper that I am, I hate buying this because it is a little pricy, but even though it looks small, it lasts a while and it works. My husband, who has been working out for over 15 years and taking supplements almost as long, loves it.

by Chris

This stuff has given me diarrhea like crazy, or it the mass xxx I am trying to use both. I've read complaints about this product though... Use with caution

by kent

hey guys im looking for someone to help me out i bought the supplement no xplode yesterday and i ate 2 hours before. i had a pretty big meal. It was pasta and chicken i dnt kno if no xlpode was goin to kick in after i waited because it was such a big meal. I took two scoops with 16oz of water. Is the supplement suppose to work the first day u use it or you have to give it about 3 or 4 days someone help thankss

if u like shitting....
by big g

i spent more time in the toilet then i did in the gym

i love it!
by Ken

N.O xplode is amazing, it makes me feel so good, it gives me a lot of energy and vascularity (veins popped out) and pumps... ok thats what i expected and thats what i got. but the great thing is that i also experience other effects that i didnt imagine, after taking NO xplode i start to feel in a great mood and so optimistic. i feel more sociable and happy. (i only take one scoop)... so i think this is a great choice... i feel that im addicted to this product, as it says "once you try it ull never train without it"... jeez im afraid about the off cycle :(... i think is the only bad thing about no xplode... the flavor is awesome by the way!!! mine is grape and lemonade...

Great Product, perhaps not for all.
by Mike G.

I am 20 years old and have recently commited myself to actually getting ripped. For the last 3 months I have been frequenting the gym and I have been using this product for about the last month or so. I must say that i dont even really feel the caffeine boost that most speak of...i take 2.5 scoops (i consume too much caffeine i guess) and i wouldnt necesarily say my veins just pop out when I take this, but i must say i noticed immediate results from this product. from the day I hit the gym, if it were only a placebo affect, i felt like i could do more, and I actually was able to squeeze out a few more reps. Ive also noticed a pretty noticible acceleration in the growth of my amrs and could not be happier in that regard. my only real complaint with this product is that after a workout, i often feel slightly to moderately sick to my stomach and dont want to eat for an hour or so, but its not really a big deal to me, and it just might be me.

This stuff makes you huge
by leo lee

I'm 16 years old and I starting taking this stuff to gain muscle mass. It worked and fast after the 2nd week I started noticing huge veins and increase in pumps. My muscles also grew a whole lot.

Excellent Product
by Aileen ZH

Like every product, there are some that aren't for everybody, and there's alot of products I've had problems with an I almost gave up hope until....No-Explode! I've been using it for 2 months now an its awesome. An excellent product. I would recommend for anyone to try

Not quite as good as the hype..
by Jordan Smith

NO-XPLODE may be one of the most highly advertised and hyped pre-workout and "bodybuilding" energy/focus enhancer. I personally am currently on my 3rd tub of it ("Improved Formula"- Blue Rasberry, don't really care for the taste). I must say, it is good stuff, with an ingredient mixture that was pretty new and even revolutionary when it came out! When I take this before my workouts (on the empty stomach) I get a solid energy boost and definitely feel more focused in the weight room, though I do not really get the great "pumps" they brag about. This stuff may be somewhat placebo-like also, with how hyped and advertised it is, so it can make the placebo effect a bit stronger than usual! NO-XPLODE is a great product, but maybe a bit overpriced and definitely over-hyped. There are other similar, and cheaper, products on the market that get the job done just as well, if not better!

Great Pumps but Beware
by Kevin

This product is great for people who have a hard time getting to the gym and getting through their workouts. But make sure you take it easy when you first try it, I suggest starting with one scoop. When I first bought it I took 2 1/2 scoops and had the shakes all day, about 8 hours I felt terrible. Now I currently take 1 1/2 scoops and its gives me such a good pump during my workouts. I've been taking it for about 2 1/2 months now. I have already been through 3 of the smaller bottles of it.

by Kevin

While taking BSN No-Xplode, I experienced tremendous energy gains. I increased my bench from 215 lbs to 235 lbs. On most exercises I increased at least 2 reps. I followed the directions and never took more than 3 scoops at once. I drank at least a gallon of water every day and experienced no health problems from this supplement. I recommend trying this, your mental state in the gym is awesome! Compared to Gakic No-Xplode, it is in a league of its own! Be sure to cycle this product, drink plenty of water and you should be fine!

HUGE Booster
by Sean

If you are like me then you probably get a little fatigued going to the gym every single day. Even if you go a few times a week, take this 30-60 minutes before you start your workout and you will experience the craziest boost in energy. Your lifts will skyrocket believe me. Great product, I don't mind the price for the results.

by Bryan M

The first time I took NO-Xplode, I went absolutely insane with energy. I got at least 3 times the work I normally do, done in about half the time. The pump is amazing. I've been using this product for around 2 months now. I can't really tell if the creatine monohydrate is helping in my bulking and size, but the energy you get more than makes this product worth getting!

NO-XPLODE experiment
by CA

Good Product! The hype let me down, from what everyone said I expected more. The ingredients are impressive and you DO feel a boost, however I personally don't believe it helped me lift more weight. I know some people who "drag" around the gym are effected by this more than people who have the self-motivation. Still a good product, just a bit expensive.

Didn't work too well for me
by David

No-Xplode is just a vasodilator and energy boost. I get really vascular (veins popping out) and it feels like I'm on crack because I have so much energy. In terms of results, it didn't make me any bigger, probably because I was doing high reps, but I have no problem with energy normally. So for me, it didn't help much beyond opening up my blood vessels. I'd recommend this product to anyone who needs an energy boost to work out, especially for people who can't seem to get themselves to the gym or those that are lazy when they do get there. If you don't have energy problems, this stuff won't be the greatest investment for you.

by TR

I have never gotten a pump so intense as I have with NO-xplode. My veins were bulging out of my arms after my first set and stayed like that for a full hour after I was done with my workout. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a pre-workout boost or those who just don't have the stamina for a long workout. Great gains!

by Srij

This product gave me the spike I needed to get over my bench plateau. I haven't personally heard or read any evidence to avoid it. I can feel the pump well enough to go on taking. The intensity of my workouts, since I started taking this, has gone through the roof. A couple of my friends have started taking it after witnessing how long and hard it helped me workout. Of course, since it increases blood flow to your muscles and increases the diameter of your blood vessels, it would be a no-no for people with heart conditions.
Also, make sure you keep yourself well hydrated when taking this. I just take one scoop 30-45 mins before the workout. I think that sometimes 2 scoops is overkill.
hope this helped.

Good pump during hard workouts
by John H

I feel a great pump while in the middle of heavy workouts. It's a great feeling knowing that my body has this stuff running through my body. Price is a bit steep, so when you hit a rut, this may be a good product to pick up.

by Justin

I have used NO-XPLODE a few times along with supplementation. It is the best product I have found out there in terms of spiking energy levels during an intense workout. I feel a marked difference between days when I do and do not use this product. he only problem that I have with it is it is somewhat difficult for me to stomach. I don't personally care for the taste, and I often feel a little out of sorts after taking it. That is the reason I try to limit my intake of this product, despite its amazing performance lift.

the next big thing
by SB

As a hardcore athlete, there is nothing more satisfying than feeling my body pumping blood to make me feel like an animal. I recommend this product to anyone considering NO supplemetation. I find that BSN has great product quality standards.

by EF

Although NoExplode has become a hugely popular supplement and much anecdotal support is present for its effectiveness, I would avoid this product. Its' effectiveness and its' safety have not been tested thoroughly. Those with heart conditions, or blood pressure problems should be especially cautious of this product.

5 Customer Opinions

All day
by that guy

FOLLOW the directions on the label. Do not take after 3 o clock pm. The product has alot of caffeine. Excellent to get you into that workout mood. Less fatigue while training. take at least 2 hours AFTER eating for the product to take effect. Never before have i ever had such a desire to train untill i came across this product.

Not bad for me
by Roland

I have been taking this supplemen on and off for the last 6 months. I notice a big difference when I am off the supplement. The difference is in the pump. I don't feel the same way in my muscles as I do with it. I will continue to use NO Xplode until another supplement comes along that works better for me.

by Nancy G.

My younger brother started taking this when he started lifting weights to help him better build muscle. He started off all small and tiny and now, after about 9 months, he went from weighing 140-150 lbs to now weighing a little over 190lbs. That's ALOT or weight to add on in that little amount of time! And no, he's not using steroids.

by Pinoy

This supplement is very expensive but it really works!! I've used this for 3 years now and it keeps me pumped.

Good Product
by Drake

I used NO-Xpolde for a lil while and found that it gave me a lot of energy to have a good workout. I also found it made me pissed off a lot.