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by Wes

I have taken this for about an month an it has showed some improvements.. makes you go extra hard in the gym. yes i have increased my bench 15pds in an month..

by scottie

i mixed it with 1 scoop of creadrive with my N.O 30 mins prior to my workout and i felt like a beast at the gym. this was my first day and i was already hitting 75 lbs incline dumbell press. 20lbs more than i usually do so its a plus. i recommend it.

by steven

my cousin used this and lost a bunch of weight and gained lots and lots of muscle and fast

Pretty good stuff
by Tim

I have no complaints except the stomach ache I got from it. Its convenient because it has sugar and carbohydrates which your body needs to better absorb creatine in the muscles.

dont feel a difference
by john

doesnt really work but i swith over to regular creatine and found that works better for me.

by chiappini

Works great tastes great... Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water a day lift once a day and you will get max results I take it with wheyabolic extreme 60 I started it 2months ago and I moved my bench from 135 to 225 in less then 2 months so it definatly works and ive gained wegiht also I weighted 130 and now im about 165 so it helps and works alot also I take mass xxx which is a weight gainer for people who play sports.

by Edna

My urine turned to a light shade of green. Besides that everythings goin good. Tastes well with goat milk

by Maddog

Makes me feel good!

Better Flavor
by William

Have been using this for a while. I found that if you mix one scoop (as recomended) in about 1/2 of a small juice glass (Maybe 1 ounce) that it tasts like a Sweet Tart or Smarties! Really awesome!!! That cures the taste and gives me my "Candy Fix." Try it out for yourself. Just drink the other 7 ounces of water after or before.

by Steve

I just started taking creadrive for about a week, had headaches every night, possibly because of the amout of sugar. I switched over to creatine burst, haven't had a problem since.

Does what it says
by HZhu

I got a sample of this product and tried it for about a week. It seem to be not much different than taking powder creatines or even creatine ethyl ester. I think the reason is the carbohydrate induces an insulin spike and helps to absorb more creatine. My experience with CreaDrive and any creatine has been great. Creatine has given me more energy, more gains in the gym and fuller cells.

Great alternative to more expensive items
by Kevin

I took this product for around 10 weeks, and did not notice much of a difference when compared to the higher priced creatine supplements on the market now, which I have taken quite a few of. The one thing I noticed was that I did not get a whole lot of extra energy when taken pre-workout, as I did with NO XPLODE, but that is probably due to the lack of caffeine. My max bench did increase by around 60 lbs while on this (10 week program). Would recommend to someone looking to get some creatine but does not want to shell out 50-60 bucks per month for it.

by Tim

CreaDrive really helped bulk my muscles. I have been pumping iron for about a year now, and this product has contributed to the new me. I am much stronger now than I was before. Although the taste is not great the results are. I thanked the GNC guy that recommended me to take this. I will buy this product for as long as I lift weights.

The mix is right on
by Green

I tried this product for 1 month. I didn't get the bulk that I was able to gain with other protein supplements. I did see results, just not as great as other supplements. For me, this was a very average product.

Good Results, Bad Taste
by Rob

A guy at GNC recommended this to me. Since I have a relatively small build, it could help put some weight on me while working out. I tried it twice and didn't like the taste, so I gave it to my workout partner so I could try something different. He has put on 8-10 pounds of muscle in the past 2 months or so, but also does not care for the taste.

Good Mix!
by Louis

I bought this to supplement my workout routine. I use this in a creatine combo and I can tell that there's a difference in my workout routine. Use this product if you want to gain much more mass in your body workout. I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants a good workout.

The mix is right on
by R. Todd Woodstock

I haven't had a bad experience with any of the GNC products I have used in the past and CreaDrive is no different. With the carb/ creatine combo, this is the right mix. If you want to drive your gains into the next level, give CreaDrive the wheel. This won't steer you wrong.

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martial artist
by paul

Just started using it, but found it hard to get tired during my cardio. I felt much stronger in my wieght lifting workouts, in a month will write anoter review.