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by Jay

I Really just want to know if it is better to take the creatine before or after the work out.

Great Product
by Jason

I think Troy might have something else wrong with him, it doesnt cause your hair to fall out! I have used this product for some time and the results are fenominal, follow the directions as provided and make it a part of your everyday nutrition plan. I prefer 3 days on then 3 days off, no mattter if its a lifting day or not, that totally saturates your muscles then gives them time to repair, essential.

by becky

My husband and brother work out a lot together, so they both actually buy this product and love it. They say it gives them a lot more energy and stability to do their workout, and they feel great after doing it. Great energy booster for bodybuilders. And the results from their workouts are very good. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to start getting in shape.

Thumbs Up for Pro Performance!
by Ashley Helander

My brother has been using this product from GNC since June, and everyone has seen the incredible results! He not only loves to lift because he can feel the added energy, but he's bulked up a lot and looks great. It is harder to mix in with liquids and you really have to shake it and it sometimes still tastes powdery, but for the results that we've seen, I would highly recommend it. For the price, it's pretty reasonable and lasts a long time, depending on how often you work out. Overall Pro Performance Creatine Burst is great for those who plan to lift and enjoy working out!

Helps with longer work outs and endurance
by Noah H.

I have been using Pro Performance Creatine Burst for a little over three months and really feel it has increased the length of time I can workout without feeling muscle tiredness or cramping. I've lengthened my total time and increased my sets and reps since starting this so that I have almost doubled my performance. My endurance for cycling has increased, too and I can go longer without the normal soreness of calf muscles I experienced previously or loss of energy. I also feel that Creatine in this formula, along with extra protein intake, has increased total muscle mass and helped with keeping my weight at a lower percentage of body fat but yet maintaining prime muscle weight. After suffering a torn tendon in my back and chest, I feel my healing time was much shorter and may have been a result of the product. I like this formula better than most others as it also contains B-vitamins and is easily mixed with energy drinks, bottled spring water, or low fat milk or juices.

Take at Own Risk
by Troy

So I bought this product recently at a local health store and I was really excited about incorporating it with my workout routine. I had visions of getting huge but was disappointed after only a week of taking it. I noticed that, throughout that week, when I would go to bed at my normal hours I was not able to sleep but felt very jittery. It took me a few hours to get to sleep one night because of how jumpy I was. I also noticed that my hair seemed to fall out at an increased rate. I don't know if it had anything to do with taking this Creatine, but I wasn't very pleased. After about a week of experiencing these things I stopped taking the Creatine and haven't used it since. My recommendation is to find something else or use it carefully and in moderation.

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