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Get stronger!
by David

This product has worked wonders for me. My bench press went up 20 lbs in 3 weeks, my leg press up 60 lbs, and I have also gained 15 lbs of muscle. Especially after the loading stages, you really feel the product. Now I always use creatine before I go to the gym. It's recommended not to overuse it or else the product may lose its effectiveness. Recommended!

Quality stuff
by ed

I began using this product a few years ago, and I began to notice an increase in my energy levels and endurance in my workouts. The results were not immediate though, it takes a few days to build up in your system, but it is worth the wait. You will notice a size increase in your muscles, and an increase in the number of reps you can do. This stuff is fairly in-expensive and well worth it.

Power UP
by Jeremy P

This stuff is a winner! My cousin and I have been ingesting this stuff since 2002 and we both noticed increased lifts within the first week. The price is excellent, especially for it's results. There's nothing like this on the market becuase it starts working fast, just as advertised, and the taste is tolerable. This stuff is the total package!

Works, while you're on it
by extrawork

I took this creatine supplement about two years ago, while I was actively lifting weights a lot. I am not that big, so I was looking to maximize my workouts and build muscle so I chose this supplement. While I was taking it, I did notice that I looked bigger, and was maybe able to get a couple extra reps out of each set. However, when I ran out, I decided to try another angle. Either the new stuff wasn't as effective, or the creatine just makes your muscles swell with water - looking like you're bigger, but not actually doing anything. I don't think I got any weaker, but I definitely looked smaller. So I'm not sure how to rate this - it helps out while you're taking it, but if you ever stop, it seems like the benefits do too.

Good Stuff
by heink

Been taking this with a buddy of mine for a few months now. Won't turn you into the Hulk, but it helps with the workouts. Taste is not that bad also.

Pro Product
by JustUnicycle

Really a great product. I have tried other products but this one really tastes good. You should be warned that all creatine products take a long time to get saturated. That is to say, you must take many times a day for the 1st week and continue at a lower rate after to keep the great results.

pro performance creatine plus.
by barbara

My son began a weight lifting regime and the salesman at GNC recommended he take these supplement. The combination has produced some very awesome results.
As of late his girlfriend calls him Superman! My skinny son now looks like a model for a mens weight lifting magazine.

It Worked Wonders for a Weight-Lifting Mother of Two
by Traci Anderson

I started weight lifting when my second child was born to lose the baby weight. Once the weight was gone, I was very interested in toning up and spent nearly every day at the gym. Once I hit my "peak", my fitness trainer suggested Creatine supplementation. It worked great. I felt like I had more endurance and could lift heavier weights while using this product.

nice help
by tinkerboooo

What can I say? This is like others, you mix with a drink, drink up and then exercise your body. It does work, makes the muscles tone up better. We need this for to fuel our bodies.

Pro Performance Creatine Plus
by Christy R.

I tried this out because it was a bit more cost friendly then the creatine I normally take. I found the taste was quite similar to most creatine powders, no more or less unpleasant really especially when mixed with a protein shake. However, I didn't think the results were as effective as some of the other creatine products out there, and I don't think I will be buying it again.

good, but be careful
by steve

I used to use this product, and it does work. It made me stronger and gave me the ability to lift more weight during my workouts. However, my tendons and supporting muscles didn't seem to get the gains as quickly and I ended up hurting my elbow and had to stop taking it. I also noticed that as soon as I stopped taking it, the gains went away.

GNC does it again!
by R. Todd Woodstock

I have tried many creatine products out there and some are great and some are not so great. GNC, along with a lot of their fantastic products, has hit another home run. I recommend this product and with the affordable price, there is no way your next workout won't be out of the park.

Great Value
by Geoff Vaughan

I have tried several types of creatine powder, and I have to honestly say that this is the best one I've tried. I take it about an hour before I lift, and I have noticed that I have an extra burst of energy toward the end of my workout. Also, it really is flavorless, unlike a few other "unflavored" powers I have tried that tasted horrible. Overall, it is a great value at 33 servings for such a low price.

by EF

Creatine is a scientifically proven product. Here, GNC has not tinkered much with a tested formula, simply adding some additional amino acids. This is a good product and reasonable value for money.

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by australia

You use this product for a 6 week cycle. Then get off for a bit and keep toning. Use once in a while.