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Good stuff
by Rui

I give this serum creatine a 3.5 for a few reasons:
The ease of it all is probably what is the real benefit of this one. No need to mix with liquids, just take and go. The taste is also top notch, grape and cherry being the best out there. The price is about the same as some of the powders out there, so you are better off using this liquid and getting the other benefits as well.

Great Alternative
by Tyler

One of my workout buddies recommended ATP to me as an alternative to the creatines that I had been using. Some people have a hard time drinking a lot of fluids during or after their workouts so a pre-workout serum is a very nice and effective alternative. I was able to gain lean mass without a bloated effect that a lot of creatines can have on your body. I've had slightly better results with other creatines but the upkeep and maintenance with this makes it the most attractive option.

Pure creatine is just as good.
by johnny h

I thought this stuff would work better/faster than creatine monohydrate, but I didn't notice a big difference. I was severly disappointed, because this stuff is expensive. For the money I spent on this, I could get some creatine mono, glutamine, amino acids and a tan!!

Creatine for Muscle and Mass
by William Duong

I started using creatine when I asked for ways to increase my muscle mass more efficiently. Honestly, I thought it would work because all of my lift partners have good mass and tone. However, after taking it for one week, I stopped taking it for one day, and felt extremely dizzy. I think it has something to do with dehydration in the muscle and a reliance on this serum. Unless you are extremely serious in building muscle mass. I think its best if you stay to more natural supplements, like carbohydrates and proteins.

Got energy?
by Ricardo Gutierrez

This serum has been a great replacement to my powdered creatine, which required me to load up and take massive amounts of liquid in a short time. A simple drop under my tongue before working out and I'm like a madman at the gym. Increased strength, stamina, and energy bust out of this small bottle. I have noticed though that at times it really gets my heart pumping, but that's the risk that one has to take with extreme workouts. Muscle soreness the following day isn't also as invigorating.

Fast-twitch explosion
by SB

Creatine has long been the answer for increasing anaerobic work capacity and this product took my strength to a new level. I loved the liquid solution which caused no insulin crash to help me sustain strength all football season long.

This is the bomb!
by R. Todd Woodstock

As an AFTA certified personal trainer and avid bodybuilder, I noticed exceptional improvements in muscle mass and increased stamina while working out. I believe this is one of the best creatine supplements that I have tried. Thank you ATP, this is the bomb. Any flavor will do, I've had them all.

Stay Away!
by EF

Creatine serum has been proven in scientific literature to not be as effective as creatine monohydrate at elevating muscle creatine content and enhancing exercise performance. Save yourself a lot of money and purchase a simple creatine monohydrate supplement.

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