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Animal Pump review for the Older Lifter

I have used Animal Pump more than once over the past few years and I have to say I was very impressed with the way the product performs. Not only did I actually feel the pump, but my workouts seemed to improve with the effects this product gave me. I have also stacked this product with other Universal products and feel this is a very good product line for the older,over 50 lifter. Most products made today really support the younger crowd, but this product as by the vendor name is Universal, and is the therefore exceptional in my book.

Great muscle pump
by Roland

My friend is using this product for two months. He said that feels really big pump and helps to recover after exercises. He recommendet for me too.

by Nancy G.

This is another product that my brother is actually currently using. He says they work really well...but the first time I saw them...eek...
There's a bunch of little packets in the tub for each day and they each have 11 pills. Those pills aren't small either. It's like getting 2 or 3 tylenols and combining them (the size) they are HUGE. They work, just don't choke on them.

tha best
by Pinoy

This is the best thing to take before your workout it makes you pump more iron then you ever think you could.

Convenient and Effective
by Megan

My husband really loves this brand of products and decided to try this one as an alternative. He's happy that it's not a huge amount of nasty-tasting powder to chug down, but pills instead. They've helped him to bulk up in a healthy way. Compared to a lot of other brands of supplements, this one is hard to beat.

Good pre workout
by Rob S

This is a great pre-workout for people who can't or won't use a liquid creatine/no supplement. Works great with good pumps.

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