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Extremely Convenient!
by Alex

I'm not sure who thought it would be a good idea to make this chocolate flavored, but they were totally wrong. Thankfully, the putrid taste is the only real drawback to this supplement! For two pounds, the price is very cheap. It's also much easier to prepare than actual eggs.

The main reason I take egg protein supplements over real eggs is due to the cholesterol in real eggs. By using this supplement, I don't have to worry about nasty diseases that could possibly come from eggs. If you can tolerate the taste, this is a really good choice for an egg supplement.

A five, but not for taste!
by J

As others have said, I agree, this does not taste the greatest. When you are trying to add muscle mass at the gym, who cares about the taste? This product gets the job done and comes at a great price. Taking this twice daily, I am able to increase my daily carb/protein intake that I would normally get from eggs, which I don't normally have enough time to prepare twice a day.

Smells bad, works great!
by cooldan

Don't mind the smell or taste, because this product will keep you in shape and help you gain muscle weight and building that perfect body you want! If you don't eat eggs, this is perfect for you. It is definitely worth your money, and it doesn't take much time to prepare it.

by Linda

I have been taking this product for a couple of months. I choose this particular brand because a friend had told me about it. The effectiveness is exactly how it was advertised. I like the results this gives. It helps keep me in shape. The only thing I did not like was the taste. I would buy this product again because it is worth every penny.

It's not good
by nivi

Its taste is not good. I don't like eggs. This product was given by one of my friends. So I just tried one time. I could not tolerate the smell. It made me nauseous. I won't recommend this to anybody.

Eggcellent Protein
by Dave

A couple of guys that I workout with got me started on egg protein and this is one of the better tasting choices. It doesn't foam up or have an off taste like some of the other egg supplements. We mix it in milk or use it to make a chocolate milkshake and it is rather pleasant to drink.

Protein Supplement
by William Duong

I workout a lot - not enough to do so professionally or anything, but I try to stay in shape (with extremely big biceps). For this reason, I take protein before and after my workout. You don't notice anything during the workout, but it makes sense to me to use it. I don't measure my bicep length or width, but I know that if I wear a t-shirt, they are toned, and fit. Think about it, protein is important in building muscle, so taking extra protein will help you meet this end. I highly recommend.

Delicious high protein supplement!
by Jenny

My younger adult son is very into body building and was regularly swallowing 6 raw eggs per day so as to increase his protein intake. They are not exactly good tasting to him, the yolk is high in fat and cholesterol, and I worried constantly about the danger of salmonella in raw eggs. I found this supplement which is 100% egg protein and is chocolate flavored so I purchased it three months ago and he has totally given up his raw egg routine now. He uses this every day as one serving contains the nutritional equivalent of seven egg whites! It mixes well with low fat or 2% milk and he says the taste is excellent. We have so far tried it in low fat muffins, as well and he is very pleased with the product which is safe and effective for increasing one's protein intake without the added fat, calories, and cholesterol of regular eggs, and also without the worry of bacteria contamination. A high quality product that makes an athlete's high protein nutritional needs easier to meet with ease and a bonus of a very pleasant chocolate taste.

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