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by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

I usually buy the drink mixes (better absorption, and faster) but decided to give this a shot because it was on sale with the purchase of any Muscletech product. I can't really vouch for the increase in strength. However I felt I was able to last longer at the gym when doing actual circuit training. Very pricey, but then again I only got it because it was 50% off. I would NOT pay retail for this. Try finding it on eBay or something. Then it will be worth it.

by Stephen

I love this product. It has helped build up my endurance during my workouts and definitely improve my overall performance. I feel great when I am lifting and running. Though it doesn't taste that well, it works wonders. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to gain in their workout performance.

by Kevin

This stuff claims right on the bottle to "Give a 10.5% increase in strength with first dose". Answer: True. It is a solid product (if you don't mind taking 8 pills that taste like dog food) 45 minutes before your workout. I noticed the biggest difference in my max bench. I was having trouble getting past 315 and my second day of this product I pushed 330. I'm sure it is one of those "results may vary" type of deals, but I wasn't very sore the next day either. I think its worth it for anyone to try! PS. I am stacking it with Leukic

Another waste of money!
by Jane M.

After using this supplement, I saw no marked improvement in my endurance. I am very active, so I needed something to keep my endurance up. I love to lift weights and I thought this may help kick up my endurance... but I was sadly disappointed.

What A joke
by William Duong

Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking when I originally purchased this supplement. The promises of the labels were unrealistic, but it seemed plausible at the time. After taking these drugs, I actually was able to work out longer in the gym, but I ended up tearing my bicep muscle. So, yes I could do more reps, but it wasn't worth the 5-6 weeks I spent recovering from the tear.

Endurance Supplements
by jean

These supplements claimed to increase one's muscle power and reduce fatigue. However, they did not help my husband fight his tiredness and he did not increase his muscle strength. I do not recommend this product at all.

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