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by Matt H

You must eat a snack otherwise odd feelings after workouts. Nothing serious. I take a serving before all my traithlons and big workouts. I feel as if I can go faster farther. Highly recommended

Almost Perfect
by Jeremy P

At first, I didn't believe this stuff worked as well as I read it did in a men's fitness magazine. I thought I had to be crazy to spend my money on this stuff but I did one time during the summer of 2005. I noticed I wasn't as sore and worn-out after my hard work-outs as I usually am. I was able to play basketball, lift in the same muscle groups on back to back days (which I still think is not natural), and hang-out without suffering the next day. This stuff is awesome and I thought the price would be a deal breaker but it wasn't. Unfortunately I still can't afford to use it as much as I like but if I could I most certainly would. This stuff is almost perfect.

by David

During my Jiu-Jitsu practice, I would always get exhausted about three quarters through. After using Ultra Fueld Powder, I was able to go through practices with bearable fatigue. A great addition to those in need of endurance.

by Kyle

Several of my friends and I use this product. I love it! I do long distance running, and my workouts are easier while using this product. There is no taste, which is the icing on the cake. This is by far my favorite endurance product on the market.

by cooldan

It works ok, but you may feel a little bad or weird after taking it. No serious side effects, but I recommend taking something else that is more sustained and tested. Although it tastes bad, you will see fair results depending on what your daily activities and diet are.

by Jane M.

You have to get over the taste of this product and focus on the benefits. Once you do that, you will see that you have an increase in endurance during your workouts. I like to do cardio, weight training, and running. Between the three, I need something to help me on my endurance and my recovery time. This is the ticket! Recommend this to anyone who enjoys strenuous activities!

pretty good
by victoria

I used this product for a couple of months while training for a marathon. It did help with recovery time and helped fuel my next workout. I started out using the product before and after my workout, but if I used it too close to when I was going for a run I would have some indigestion. Using the product after working out worked was best for me and made me feel re-energized for the rest of the day. I also noticed less muscle fatigue while using the product compared to when I wasn't using it.

Greater distance
by Ricardo Gutierrez

I noticed a great increase in my endurance when it came to swimming and running when I participated in a mini triathlon at school last year. I generally suffer from fatigue fairly quickly, and shin splints that prevent me from performing to my capability. Having stopped into my local vitamins/nutrients store, I was referred to this product and use it when I have sporting competitions. My muscles suffer less cramping and tightening, thus increasing the intensity and longevity of my workouts. Like most powders, the taste is nothing to be thrilled about. I wouldn't take it on a daily basis, just as much is required to increase my results to a max.

Great for recovery
by Dave

I love to use Ultra Fuel as a post workout supplement to help with recovery time. The hour after you have completed a workout is the best time to provide your body with the proper fuel to aid in recovery and Ultra Fuel is one of the best in the business.
A runner friend of mind uses this to recover from his workouts, and he got me hooked on it. You will really feel the difference in the following days workout. This isn't just for gym rats, it is for any athlete looking to speed up recovery time and add energy to their day.

Absolutely Great
by Louis

I love this TwinLab product It has helped build up my endurance during my workouts and definitely improve my overall performance. I feel great when I am lifting and running. Though it doesn't taste that well, it works wonders and I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to gain in their workout performance.

Extra Drive
by Phil Young

I work out twice a week and I get very tired about half way through the work out. With Ultra Fuel Powder, I can complete the whole workout and become stronger. Now, I don't even need the extra energy because this product has built my muscles up.

Lordy lordy, love me some tribulus
by johnathan

I love Twinlab tribulus. I really felt a difference during workouts in the form of great pumps and saw a positive difference during and after workouts in my vascularity. Suprisingly, my vascularity lasted for a couple hours after I left the gym. I did notice a bit more drive in the gym as well. I’ve used this twice and plan to use it again when my current supplement regimen ends.

Fuel for your workout jets!
by Gordy

I experimented with different powders specializing in endurance a year ago when I wanted to get back intro training with a competitive sports basis. Ultra Fuel Powder by Twinlab was one of the first ones I tried based on the recommendation from an employee at GNC.

First, the technical aspects: Ultra Fuel Powder obviously comes in powder form and contains a combination of carbohydrates and metabolizers aimed to increase endurance and help you recover faster. On the plus side, it specifically contains high quality carbohydrates in the form of glucose polymers, which some call the ultimate complex carbohydrate because it has shown to be linked to glycogen synthesis in muscle. This allows you to maximize your time in the weight room, increasing muscle mass in a much more efficient way, if used properly. The recommended usage is 4 scoops one to two times daily.

For my personal experience, I found that Ultra Fuel Powder was suitable for me and allowed me to rapidly increase my workout sessions to an extra hour each day. I felt less fatigued, and needed less time in between routines when at the gym. After being out of a steady workout routine for so long, I effectively jumped right back in thanks to this powder - as if I never skipped a beat. It is important to note that everyone is different, and you should consult a professional before jumping into a rigorous workout and extending your sessions just because you think this product will make you invincible. Different bodies yield different results.

The price is right in line with other similar powders (~$20 retail) - but I was able to get it for about five dollars cheaper at my local nutritional store.

Works Great
by Jaime

Now, this stuff works great. The taste is a little bad, but using this stuff, you can really get a good workout in. It helps to build muscules. I really like the product.

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