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by Danielle

I took a 30 day bottle of Thermo Burst, but wasn't able to immediately buy more of the product. I noticed a huge drop of energy at the gym and after my workouts while not taking it. I am going today to buy another bottle! This stuff really works great!

by tess

This is my coffee replacement. Seriously 3 is way too many in my opinion but it definiitely helps you to work out and have more energy. What I notice the most is even if you take it, dont work out, and dont change your diet what it will do is prevent you from gaining weight although to lose it you need to add one of those above vital components. When I had boughts of not being able to get to a gym, work, kids, whatever, I maintained the weight loss I had worked towards even when adding pastas, sauces, fast food whatever. I have used this stuff off and on for many years now. I swear by it.

by Bob

I've tried it and it seemed to provide extra energy for sure. However - it's loaded with caffine and I think anyone taking this much caffine will feel energized. Not sure how good it is for you?

All you need
by blackberry

I can tell the difference while running 5 miles every morning, if I don't take a thermo burst. Taking the thermo burst 30 min before your workout can give you that get up you need. I only take one every morning before I workout. I have noticed my six pack forming. Also, I can tell there is less fat on my legs and arms. Last but not least, while working out in the gym, I never get tired. I keep going for hours. People come and tell me how much they enjoy watching me working out. They say I make them tried just looking at all my energy. I start eating kind of right and taking the thermo burst, and I lost 15 lbs. in 8 weeks. Trust me, it's all you need and it is affordable! Try it and stop buying three different pills, and try the one that really works. You will need to take the product at least the entire 30 days to really see all of the benefits. I can tell you that thermo burst and what it has done for my workout is good . Now I just love going to the gym with the help from this product. I hope it works and makes you feel the same way. Good Luck.

by Vicki

My best friend uses this and she has the energy to finish our 45 min. walks now.

by Travis

I cannot wait to try this stuff! I have heard really good things about it and I belive it will step up my game!

Answer to prayer
by Loretta Rollins

I had been experimenting with all kinds of teas, natural remedies and food combinations to boost my energy level. I got Thermo Burst recently for my morning workouts. Frankly, I was driven to tears fighting the noon time snooze monster. Out of desperation, I popped one Thermo Burst tablet to beat my daily meltdowns. WOW, I haven't been this alert in months and I can now hit my chores with a vengeance. If the rest of the ad is as correct about the energy, I can't wait to see what I'll look like in a couple of weeks. I am planning on becoming a GNC Gold Club member just for this product. Thank you!

Works for me!
by M. DeGilio

Although I wouldn't say it's the best on the market, I have to give them some credit. This product gave me so much energy and has helped me improve my workout routine. It gives me a better drive. Try it!

Gets the job done
by Kim

My husband takes Thermo Burst. He swears by it. I couldn't swallow it and three a day is a bit much for me. My husband, however, can work out non stop while on Thermo Burst. This product definitely delivers its promise

It helps with workouts
by Eli

Thermo Burst gives me the fuel I need to workout and build muscle. It helps me be energized and workouts for long periods of time.

Pro Performance tablet
by Nams

For me Thermo Burst has been more like a performance enhancer. While starting heavy workout after a long gap, this helped me keep up with my weight plan as set up by my trainer. With the enhancer and workout, I felt a lot more fresh and energetic at work.

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