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by Shannon Kimsey

I received this product as a free sample once. It does work, although the effects don't last very long. One good thing is that it doesn't make you jittery. That's always a plus for me!

by Increases my strength and power

I've used this product for the past 2 months and it truly works better than anything I've ever used. It instantly gave me energy and heated my body up quickly and started my fat burning instantly during cardio. It also gave me incredible strength and power in my heavy lifts when I was going for those extra reps for growth.

Actually works well
by Mike

I bought some of these when they were on sale at the GNC because of the price. These gave me added energy similar to when I used the original version of "Ultimate Orange" that had ephedra in it. And this supplement does it without ephedra. I will be using these for now on.

by John

I used this product right before I went lifting at the local fitness center and wow! It gave me an incredible boost of energy! I was lifting 10-15 pounds more than I ever had and in some cases, doing more reps too! These tablets really work!! I never go to the gym without these any more! Excellent product!

Thermo Power Rush
by Patrick

I hit the weight room after taking several of these pills. Wow! I defiantly felt a boost but it was unnatural and odd. I felt more power in my bench and was able to boost my max by about 15 pounds. I'm not sure if it was all in my head or not, but defiantly a boost. I never took them again after the first time. I would caution people before taking these in the future.

Gives me alot of energy during lifting
by zach

I have used this and other energy related supplements and this is one of my favorites. It gives me an extra boost of energy to do just one more rep. I really like this product and I wouldn't go back to lifting without it.

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