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lemon lime
by vballgirl25574

This product line tastes horrible, but the lemon lime tastes pretty decent compared to the other flavors. Totally worth it though, works real well.

I like it
by Ryan

I think 5 hour energy works for special times like you use it every once in a while. I would use it before games and at first it worked great then slowly it didn't work anymore but then when I stopped using it but it worked after I didn't use it for a month.

lemon lime
by heidi

These are great products but don't recomend this flavor at all. Its nasty I love the berry.

by Pamela

I love the 5hr energy product. Keeps me awake at night, but the lemon-lime is YUCK. I accidentally bought the wrong flavor. I just couldn't hack the taste. It is a good product in other Berry flavor though.

Pamela Rosser RN,BSN,Clinical Supervisor of TLC Health Care

by Patti King

I have used this in the past, it is a good product but the flavor is not so good!

It helped some
by mroyer1459

This didn't work as well as I had hoped, but that may be because all I ever drink is caffine and so I think my body is already in overdrive. I did notice a little bit of a difference after trying this. I have a friend who loves these. He drinks them daily and swears that he couldn't get though the day with out the extra energy he gets from them. I thought the taste was ok, better than some other things I have tried.

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