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No calories and no crash
by Barry

With all the energy drinks out there, you might wonder what makes this one any different?
When I look for an energy drink, there are specifics that must be present. For instance, as an amateur bodybuilder it would be counter productive to have an energy drink loaded with sugars and create a crash later. After all, health and fitness are a must. While a bit pricey, you get what you pay for - quality. The taste is great- unlike many no sugar beverages, and it truly does provide that extra boost before my workouts - or to even substitute the morning lift usually gotten from coffee. I recommend this product to anyone needing that extra edge.

by Travis

I have heard great things about this product! It comes from a trusted company and I will be making a purchase very soon!

Does not work
by Arron

I tried this product and it did not work like it said and ended up making me sick.

Good stuff
by Denise

My husband and I are avid runners and participate in numerous 5k's and marathons. We both use this product and have had good results. Does not taste bad and after a few hours your energy level does not take a crash.

Worth Trying
by Tanya

I tried this product on a day I was feeling a little lethargic and getting a slow start to my morning. It really did increase my energy, and I stayed energetic for most of the day. The price was a little high but worth it when you are feeling really tired.

Give it a try
by Jennifer

I was given a sample of this from a friend and loved it so much. I brought some and they really helped me work out and it lasted throughout the day. The only drawback on these was the price.

Extreme Energy Tech
by Noni

I think this product is wonderful. I sometimes work 16 hour days, and have to be back at work for another 8 hour day in 4 hours. I definitely get energy from drinking this. I just wish the price was lower.

Not the best for the money
by Josh

From my experience, these are over priced. Although you do feel an extra boost shortly after you drink it, you could use many other products for a fraction of the cost. It basically had the effects of coffee and will give some people headaches. Only drink it if you really need a boost and have money to kill.

Pricey goodness
by Brian

These are excessively expensive, so I use them only for the most important of outdoor sports, but they give me more of an energy boost than other concoctions that I’ve tried. They’re quite small, so portable, and the citrusy flavor hits the spot.

Pretty good
by Nancy

I rated this at three stars because I liked this product, It gave me the extra energy boost I needed but it left me shaking. This is not for caffeine sensitive people.

Extreme Energy Tech
by jane moore

I have to say that after a day at work, I had to drag myself to the gym. Being a morning person, it isn't easy to get myself going after work, but this is just the kick I needed to get started. Keeps my energy level up through kickboxing and cardio routines. Would recommend this to anyone!

Works Great!
by KimP

My husband uses this a lot because he works nights and needs that extra boost in the middle of his shift. He thinks that this is one of the better ones out there and loves that it is zero calories! Just wish that it cost less.

A great energy drink
by Kennedee

I am not a morning person. I have to drag myself out of bed every morning. I take one of these drinks first thing in the morning and I am revitalized and ready for the work day. No more empty coffee calories for me. I love this drink!!!

Good Source of Energy
by Ellisha

This is a great energy drink! I love the fact that it has zero calories and has a great taste. I always drink one on the way to the gym to get that extra boost of energy I need when working out!

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