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Good in a pinch
by NTReviewer

I purchased this energy drink because it offered a good amount of potassium and carbs. I am always experimenting with energy drinks and have tried many of the most popular brands . Taste wise, this drink isn't one of my favorites. I found it to be too sweet for my taste buds and it left a bad aftertaste in my mouth. This energy drink is supposed to be best when taken prior to, during, or immediately after a workout. I tried drinking a bottle before working out, but found that it made me feel quite sloshy. I don't enjoy drinking anything while working out, so I found that this worked best for me right after my cardio. I believe that potassium helps prevent muscle cramps, so I was happy with the amount of potassium that I found and believe that it served me well since I didn't feel any tightness after working out. Still though, I can't see myself drinking this every day. The taste is simply too unappealing to be a keeper.

seems not good
by Stephen

Ultra Fuel Liquid did not give me any energy. I found that the product tasted okay, but it had no effect on my energy level whatsoever. I did try this drink on a few occasions and was disappointed each time.

Average, not too special
by John

This drink tasted like soda. It was very sweet and filled with sugars. I wasn't especially impressed by the energy boost of it either. It provided a small energy burst but it was short lived most likely due to the sugar. I'd say pass by this one and buy something else.

Too sweet for me
by Carrie

The teenagers in our family want to try every energy drink, and this was no exception. I tried it, and found it too sweet for my taste. My daughter liked it, but she enjoys similar flavored sugary sodas and energy drinks. Whether it gave her any additional energy, that is questionable. She has a high energy level without any help. I wouldn't recommend this for those who dislike a really sweet drink.

by Kevin

Ultra Fuel is more than just fluid... its optimal performance. Unlike other sports drinks, Ultra Fuel is a high energy drink that offers a balanced ration of simple and complex carbohydrates, that means more energy and recovery for the ultimate in overdrive! Ultra Fuel is a complete performance drink that can help extend endurance, speed recovery and enhance performance during training and competition. Replenishes vital fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, succinates and lactic acid buffers, as well as provides a true power lift predominantly in the form of glucose polymers (a complex carbohydrate) and a small amount 100% pure crystalline fructose (no sucrose or high fructose corn syrups are present). One 16-oz serving of Ultra Fuel supplies 100 grams of high quality carbohydrates, plus important carbohydrate and energy metabolizers (including chromium) and 100% of the U.S. RDA of stress B vitamins and vitamin C. No added preservatives or sodium. Each specially formulated SPORT FUEL capsule contains only the finest ingredients and is manufactured at our own state-of-the-art facilities with stringent quality control assuring correct potencies and outstanding product freshness. Capsules are easier to swallow than hard tablets and dissolve faster to assure maximum absorption and, unlike most tablets, each capsule is free of coatings and colors which may cause adverse reactions.

lack of energy
by Robert Spangler

This drink tasted too much like soda. It didn't give me a very good kick and even the taste wasn't as good as I expected it would be. It also lacked some main ingredients usually found in all energy drinks such as, Taurine, and vitamin b6.

Stay Away
by toddm

This product is nothing but glorified soda. All sugar, gave me no energy, tasted horrible and was expensive. Do yourself a favor and buy something that will give you energy.

Only tastes good
by Mike Huang

I bought this at my local liquor store and there's no use for this if you want energy. This Ultra Fuel drink is just there for the taste. The taste is very good and carbonated, but if you want it to be effective, I would recommend a different energy drink.

No energy boost
by Stacy

Ultra Fuel Liquid did not give me any energy. I found that the product tasted okay but it had no effect on my energy level whatsoever. I did try this drink on a few occasions and was disappointed each time.

by momof2

My husband drank this and said it did NOTHING! He did not sleep well the night before and had this Ultra Fuel liquid at lunch. He said it tasted okay, drank the whole thing, but did not experience any burst of energy.

Not Good
by Kyle

Horrible product. After trying the product, I didn't notice any increase in energy. Not only did the product not work, but it didn't taste very good. Skip this product.

Good Taste but Bad price
by Donia

I tried this and it does taste really good. However, it didn't work for anything other than a refreshing drink. For that reason it is not worth the expense.

Ultra Fuel Liquid
by Michael G.

I enjoyed this product for the most part. It did give me the energy I need during my regular work out sessions. The only thing I disliked about it was the taste. I think it could be improved upon. It is tolerable, but not something everyone could enjoy.

Not for the long haulers!
by Jessica

This is allright. The taste isn't great, but isn't foul either. The energy doesn't last for more than 20 minutes, so going for a long run isn't an option. Maybe if you're going for a quick jog, it'll do you some good. I personally was expecting some more bang for my buck.

Ultra Fuel Liquid 18oz
by Patrick

This product tastes alright. It kind of has that chalky taste common to most of these drinks. It defiantly energizes the consumer. Drink this only if your ready to do some physical activity, or you will be jumping around all day. It lasts about an hour to hour and thirty minutes. If you want a a quick and portable energy drink, take this.

Do not buy!
by Corri

I might as well have been drinking Gatoraid. Actually, I think Gatoraid would give me more energy than this product did. I was very disappointed. The flavor was OK, but a product that says it gives you extra energy, should give you extra energy! Not recommended. Try the lo-carb Monster energy drink for some real results.

Try a Mountain Dew.
by Dan

Ultra Fuel is a terrible terrible product. The only thing I felt after drinking it was nausea from the terrible taste. For 19 bucks each, you probably should just grab a Mountain Dew. I honestly get more of a buzz from that than Ultra Fuel.

by Candice

Doesn't taste all that great and really didn't feel all that different after drinking it. For the price and taste I'm better off buying a can of soda for energy.

by wendy c

This energy drink has a good flavor- a lot like orange Gatorade. However it didn't provide the energy boost that it promises. It is way too expensive to not work and do what it says- therefore I won't be buying this product in the future

Every once in a while
by Serge Howard

The first bottle of this Crystal light/Gatorade tasting drink worked like a charm, then the next few didn't really work at all. I guess I built up a tolerance really quickly, which usually isn't the case for me.

ITs good
by Garret Black

This is good for a drink. It tastes OK and looks cool. It's performance isn't that great. It gives you some energy, but that wears off in a half an hour or so.

stocked in Div 1 college weightroom
by tony

This product is kept in stock for anyone who wants it in the college weight rooms and locker rooms. It definatly works, but the taste and consiestancy leave much to be's like a fusion between jell-o and powerade.

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