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by Travis

Kept me going but had to be doing something for it to work well. Sitting still or studying doesn't give me the boost I need.

by Jessica B

After my morning sugar rush goes down and i'm crashing i REBOUND and FiX my day keeps me going.

no jitter
by ruth

This is great gave me alot of energy without making me jittery .

by Anonymous

This is a great product! The energy boost you get from Rebound FX is much different than any other product I've used. Many times, I find my energy level all over the place, but Rebound FX helps keep my energy level consistantly high, but not out of control like caffinated products. I also find that it keeps me better focused at work. I work as an instructor at a gym, have used this product for the past year and love it!

Huge let-down
by Sam Wagner

I like to run after work everyday. Some days when I am not really feeling like it, I like to chug down an energy drink or take some sort of energy supplement. I tried a free sample of this product once and after feeling great for about ten minutes, I began to feel tired and "bonked out." This product worked for a little while, but then you get hit HARD with a sugar low. Not recommended and definitely don’t buy.

No energy here.
by KimP

My husband has tried tons of energy drinks to help give him the boost of energy mid way through his night shift at work. This was not one of them that worked. He said that it does taste good but, it didn't give him any extra energy boost.

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by Independent Distributor of a All Natural Energy Drink

I tried this product like all other energy drinks, but I kept asking myself what else am I getting out of it besides a energy rush. I looked at the ingredients and non of them gave me reassurance I was getting all this important stuff for my body. Where are the antioxidants and minerals coming from? Where is the source. But I have found a product that tells me all about the product where the source comes from, how it works, and how many times it was formulated. I can't say the name on this site out of respect for this company, but could I get some info on my questions please