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Intrabolic Citrus

Simulate the Anabolic Response DURING Exercise - Build Muscle FAST! The Pioneer of Intra-Workout Supplementation What is the point of investing your hard earned money on supplements that claim to be the latest and greatest phenomenon when they are NOT going to help you DURING your workouts? Bodybuilding is about Body – Building. During workouts, muscles are torn down and fatigue can be a tremendous challenge. By providing your muscles with effective nutrients DURING your workout, you will boost the anabolic response, fight the catabolic effects of exercise and delay muscular fatigue, ultimately leading to NEW muscle gains! IntrAbolic works by utilizing a unique way protein hydrolysate (WPH) found exclusively in IntrAbolic. Our custom WPH has undergone a high degree of hydrolysis (over 30%) which breaks down large proteins into smaller fragments called peptides. Our custom WPH supplies 70-80% of its peptides, in the shortest and most rapidly absorbed form, which are the low-molecular weight di-and tripeptides we refer to as IntrAbolic-Peptides(tm). Due to the fact that IntrAbolic-Peptides(tm) do not have to undergo the same slow digestive process as regular protein, they can be absorbed much faster, allowing them to flood your muscles with amino acids WHILE you train. This effect maximizes the anabolic response during exercise while fighting muscle breakdown. To allow you to push even harder in your training, we have also included a research supported dose of the carnosine booster, beta-alanine.
Product: Intrabolic Citrus
Brand: Athletic Edge Nutrition (More Products)
Size: 1.1 Pound Powder
Retail: $59.99
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