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by heather

My boyfriend tried this and said it was okay. He said it was kinda pricey for what you were getting and would continue to look for a better bar.

There's better out there
by David

While it's not as large and thick as many bars out there, it does cost just as much as much. If I had not tried several other protein food bars, I would have been satisfied with this product, but the taste does not compare with others such prosource's Supreme Protein (my current favorite). This may be because of my personal preference to have some sugar in my protein bars. Overall, it has a good source of protein like all the other bars, but the taste isn't as good as I'd like my bars to be.

by NTReviewer

I tried the Almond Raisin Flavor of this bar and it wasn't bad. Actually, let me rephrase that; it tasted "healthy". The thing I like about this bar is the fact that it is 100% vegetarian. It is gluten-free with no refined sugars and contains only healthy fats. In addition, it is high in protein. These qualities are a big plus for me. Tastewise, it wasn't stellar and wouldn't be something that I would purchase if I wasn't looking for health benefits. However, as a food bar that I eat after working out, it is more than acceptable. I like the ingredient list and the fact that I am not putting bad stuff into my body that I just spent an hour or so trying to work off.

Not Bad
by Jeremy P

I tried this bar for the first time about 3 months or so ago and might try it again one day. This bar is not the best that I have ever tasted, and I've tasted many. The one thing that I do like about this bar is that it's not too thick and goes down easy. Also, it does what they say it does, which is provide a nice amount of energy.

Hammar Bar is Great!
by Patty

Hammer Bars give fast energy and good nutrition. They do not have any gluten, so if you are allergic to that, you don't have to worry while eating the Hammer Food Bar. I use these for the meal before I exercise, and I feel better and better each day. Hammer contains no sugar, so there is no sugar crash. In addition, there are absolutely no preservatives in this product. I don't like sugar, so they taste good to me.

Hammer Food Bar
by Emily K.

Not my favorite meal supplement bar. It has a chalky taste and the texture is like cardboard. The plus is no refined sugars.

Not very good
by Wendy C.

Hammer Food Bars make the claims that they are a delicious way to have nutrition on the go. Well, one part of that statement is true. However, they are far from delicious. The chocolate flavor was disgusting- very sweet and impossibly chewy with a hint of cardboard. I would not buy these again.

Tastes awful
by Frankie

I like to eat sports bars in place of lunch, so I'm always trying out new ones. A guy at my gym recommended this one, so I gave it a try. It makes a lot of health claims, but the truth is it tastes awful. After a few bites, I had to toss it in the trash.

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