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Biked 1600kms
by James David Potter

I have used this product before. Knowing, A friend gave me two tubs of empact for my bike trip to Sanfrancisco from Vancouver island. Call it my road to recovery from 2 back opperations. I was able to do 82mile days through mountain passes no problem with no pain. My Lungs felt better and never got sore anywhere! Truly an amazing product!!!!!!!

South Africa
by Michael Brink

I tried a couple of samples of Em-Pact and was truly blown away, i have since then continued to purchase and use the product. i can really feel the difference if i forget to pack it in my gym bag. GREAT BOOST OF ENERGY!!!

by Travis

I have heard good things about this product and will be looking forward to trying it!

Awesome Product
by Steve

This product keeps me in the game longer. In my 40's now & I'm still able to keep up with players more than 20 years younger than me. Tastes good too!

by Garry

Being a skeptic I always study the science before I take anything, if I think the science stacks up then I thoroughly test what I take.

Every morning my wife and I do a 1 hour workout designed by the New York Ballet to work every muscle group - so when we started using the Empact in water 20 mins before starting we noticed the difference immediately - not convinced we purposely missed alternate days and were amazed -now we never miss it. Another winner from Mannatech.

My advice - test it and you will notice the difference and no I am NOT the Mannatech merchant on this site.

Great Product
by Jared M

Empact is Great. It works, and it works on time. I use this product daily, and it even helps more when I go running. The energy I get from this product helps me go the extra distance, and I feel great after my run. It even helps me while I am at work with energy. It is a simple, daily energy booster that works very well.

by Brenda B

This is another great product of Mannatech. My daughter and husband use this product on a daily bases before exercising and after exercising, as they say it gives them the boost of energy needed to help them finish their routine. My husband even drank this before he would race dirt bikes, and in between races to build his energy. This is a great product and doesn't taste bad either, and that helps.

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