f Muscletech Nitro-Tech Nighttime Reviews and Information

Nitro-Tech Nighttime

Delivers Protein To Your Muscles While You Sleep!
Based On The Amazing NITRO-TECH® Formula!
Supports Muscle Growth At Night!
Product: Nitro-Tech Nighttime
Brand: Muscletech (More Products)
Size: 1.8 lbs
Dosage: Take 1-2 scoops twice daily.
Retail: $39.99
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6 Customer Reviews

Muscle Techs Redemption
by Cisco

Although Muscle Techs Creatine can suck because of all the sugar (75 grams of it) Thier Nitro Tech Protein is good. I had their Nighttime Nitro Tech and honestly in 4 months I went from 155 to 185 and was looking great guys at work who regularly hit up the gym wanted to work out with me. This protein definitely helped me pack on some muscle and if it wasn't for the price i would have stuck to it. It is expensive if you consider how many servings you get out of it but HEY you get what you pay for with this particular product. Great for those who work out after work or work out right before you go to bed. EXCELLENT protein

Sweet dreams!
by Jeremy P

The taste is the first thing I noticed when I first took it back 2002. They are absolutely right about how you're able to grow muscle while you're asleep. Did I mention the taste? Depending on how you're taking it, it could very well last for a couple of months and you'll still see results, or at least I did during the 2 months I took it. The price is right, but way better if you can catch a sale. One day, I'll buy this stuff again but for now I'll just dream about it.

Another wonder
by Josh

I tried it for weight gain and boy did it work! I gained 16 pounds in just over a month, and my squats and bench presses increase to another 20-30 pounds on the bar. Though honestly, not all the gains in weight that I made were muscle, as I also cut back on cardio while taking it, my waist did expand a bit. But having said that, I was your typical hard gainer, and to gain 16 pounds in a month is just awesome and the vanilla taste was out of this world. (Try also blending banana and honey, it works and taste great). I would without a doubt, go on Nitro-tech again.

awsome stuff!
by justin

This stuff works great and gave me great results. I don't like to eat a lot of food high in protein and low in fat because I don't like the taste, and this was the perfect solution. It tasted great, and I noticed I got results a lot quicker than normal with this wonderful product.

by serge Howard

The taste of this protein was pretty good, but I found it relatively hard to shake. I used water and milk seperately and no matter how I did it, there were little chunks of protein. Yum...

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