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Protein is Great
by Rui

Taking protein daily is something that anyone that works out should do! Mixed with milk or even water, this stuff tastes great, and better yet, helps you gain some solid muscle. You should intake about 1.5 gm per lb of body weight daily, and the easiest way is with Whey!

Great product
by Becky

My husband and brother both use this, they mix it up with milk and drink a glass everyday. They live by it--great for the workout and energy booster. Awesome product, great results, but it does not taste very good. If you can withstand the taste, it's a good buy.

by Kevin

Nutrition labels are always pretty suspect when it comes to protein. Sure, they list how much a serving has, but it's usually one of the only things without a %RDA on it. That's because nobody can really agree on how much protein one needs. For all the reading I've done, anyone trying to add muscle (or extendedly, lose fat) should be having a gram of protein per bodyweight pound. That's not a conservative number really, not a bold number either. Just basically what I've read most places from a wide range of people. Now, try eating your weight in protein grams without any shakes. Really hard, right? Sure is. That's what's so great about 100% has 23 grams of protein per scoop, so just two of these shakes per day can get you about 50 grams of protein. Serious business.

Overall, this really is a perfect protein. It has only 110 calories, 1 gram of fat, 2 grams of carbs per serving. So you're not getting unnecessary stuff, just good protein. It also has all 8 essential amino acids, and is absorbed almost immediately into the muscles (the bottle says this fact, I obviously cannot prove it).

Taste wise, it tastes decent in water. If you've had protein shakes before, you know that "decent" is about the maximum compliment when mixed with water. I have only tried the Vanilla, but my friend has told me that Chocolate Mint is also incredible. In terms of clumping, clumping does occur when mixed, but if you put it into a plastic bottle with some water and shake it up, NO CLUMPS AT ALL. It's great, it's a perfectly smooth shake. When mixed with milk, the taste is even better, so if you're trying to gain weight, 100% Optimum with milk is delicious.

As for results? This product has helped me lose weight and gain muscle pretty successfully. It is quite filling and does help add muscle mass. 23 grams of protein is the right amount of protein for a shake. You can double up if you want to on the scoops, but having only 15-18 grams would be too low a dose.

I got a five-pound tub for only $30, a tub which contains 80 scoops. So it's only about 37 cents per serving, that is dirt cheap for protein. I can't think of any cheaper form of protein, and this works better than whatever I could think of. It's a great deal--you could have 3 scoops daily, get 69 grams of protein, for a little over a dollar. Incredible.

Here come the muscles
by Chris

I have tried many kinds of whey protein in the past and I have to say out of all of them, this is my favorite. It tastes great and the results speak for themselves. I used this protein for 2 months along with going to the gym, and gained a total of 9 pounds. Let me also say that I am a very tough weight gainer, so this is really amazing. I will by this product as long as I keep on gaining!

Better than soy
by David

I have been using Whey for about two years as a supplement in the evening after my pm workouts. I read where soy is not good for men because of the natural release of estrogen-- whey doesn't cause any problems like that. It's very good at keeping the carbs low and helping me not snack into the night.

Decent protein for the price
by Robert

I'd have to give this product a 4. Not because it is the best protein you can buy, but for the price, it does what you would want it to, and it tastes pretty good. Mixing can be a pain unless you have a good shaker or blender.

Tastes great in milk and OK in water.

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