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Kre-Alkalyn is a buffered form of creatine. This means that it is processed at a higher pH level than regular creatine. The higher the pH level, the less acidic the conditions. Buffering prevents creatine from breaking down to the byproduct creatinine. Creatine converts to creatinine at a higher rate when it's exposed to acidic conditions. This process is halted by pH level manipulation during the manufacturing process. Slowing or stopping the conversion of creatine to creatinine helps the body absorb more creatine.
Product: Kre-Alkalyn
Brand: All American Pharmaceutical & Natural Foods Corporation (More Products)
Size: 99.45 grams
Dosage: 1 Scoop
Retail: $39.99
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2 Customer Reviews

Great stuff, Keeps off the Bloat
by David Ho

I love this stuff because it really is pH balanced to work well without the side effects of bloating. I've tried a bunch of creatine supplements and this is one of the best. The results were similar to other creatine supplements but the main reason I wanted to get rid of the other stuff was because it made me feel horrible after I finished a workout because of the water retention. I don't remember how, but I tried this stuff because I got some free samples. I've heard it's on the more expensive side, but in my opinion very well worth it. Once I finish up some of the other creatine I have, I'll probably switch to this.

I like what I see
by Silvio Chiba

Even though it is expensive, I swear by this product. It helps add muscle to my frame that working out in the gym can't do alone. I tell people about Kre-Alkalyn, and tell them that it works. It is not well known, but it is my little secret. Buy this product if you are in need of a creatine supplement