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Creatine is a naturally occurring metabolite which helps recycle the body's supply of ATP for increased energy output, strength and endurance. Research indicates that athletes who exercise and supplement their diet with Creatine Monohydrate may increase the total Creatine pool within the muscle.

Creatine is formed in the liver and kidneys. From there, 95 percent of it goes to the muscles and forms creatine phosphate, which boosts the body's manufacture of the energy-producing molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Loading with creatine allows muscle fibers to work harder for a longer time before the body runs out of ATP. This allows for a heavier more intense workout as creatine can fuel muscle development at a greater speed.

Creatine is found in a variety of foods in various concentrations - the "richest" source of creatine is lean red meat - 2.2 lbs of steak contain approximately 5 grams of creatine. Vegetarians have been shown to have lower creatine storages than meat eaters. But just storing, let alone cooking meat, diminishes its creatine levels.

Creatine monohydrate may do much more than make you stronger and allow you to recover faster between sets: it could also help you pack on the pounds! There's a reason for that - when the muscle absorbs creatine, it also brings water in with it. This promotes a phenomenon called "cell volumizing" or "cellular hydration." Now, when a muscle cell is "hydrated" (holding more water), it gets bigger - fuller - and rounder!

Researchers recommend five grams (usually a teaspoon) dissolved in liquid and taken four times a day for five days to load your muscles. From there, two grams a day - about half a teaspoon - will keep levels sufficiently high.

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Recent research in human sports science indicates that if you supplement a normal diet with creatine monohydrate it will increase the creatine content in the muscles. In a study that was published in Clinical Science, muscle creatine concentrations went up by more than 35% in the exercising muscles of subjects who took creatine supplements several times a day. This work, which shows that creatine supplementation can help improve an athletes performance times in sprint events, was completed by Eric Hultman, Ph.D., who in the early 1960’s produced the original research on the importance of carbohydrate loading in increasing time to fatigue during endurance exercise.
Product: MP Creatine
Brand: Colorado Nutrition (More Products)
Size: 1000 grams
Dosage: 5 grams
Retail: $69.95
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1 Customer Reviews

Great Stuff
by Zach

I just started using this creatine a few weeks ago, and I have had nothing but success. I started taking it about an hour before my work out. During the work out I have more energy and afterwards I feel next to no muscle aches. I used to be really sore the day afterwards, but now I can push myself harder and feel fine the next day. And most importantly, this product has helped a lot with my muscle gains. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to lift more and be sore less.