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Great Product
by Ben Shore

I used this creatine for about 3 months. It worked pretty well for me. I gained about 50lbs on my bench.

Benjamin Shore
Founder and CEO

by Brad

Really helped me with mid distance training as well as putting on lean muscle... this is not a hormone so there is no way creatine will make you depressed

Just Starting Out (AGAIN)
by Edward

A few years ago I was in the greatest shape of my life, finally breaking the 200lb barrier weighing in @ 201lbs & rising. Shortly thereafter I was driving home from wor when I was stopped at a light I was rear-ended by another driver going 55mph. It took 6 surgeries and 2 years of not walking, but I am now on my feet again & looking to regain my strength, size, and weight. With the help of this product my goals are once again reasonable

by Chris

This product really works. Let me just tell you that the loading phase is very important regardless of what others might say. Within two weeks my bench increased 10 pounds. The powder works better than the pills. Overall great product.

Hitting the weights again at 55 years old
by Norman

I started using GNC creatine monohydrate. about tree days ago. I alternate between a full body workout, 3 sets per muscle group and I keep it under 50 minutes. The other week I do a 4 day split.

Suffice to say that when I hit the free weights, my strength gains over night were incredible. I put 10 lb on my squat, 10 lb on my bench and was curling 75 lb barbell curls like nothing in 2 days after beginning the loading phase. Be advised I've been working out, after a 5 month lay-off, for only 2 weeks now. This stuff, from the research docs I've pulled works great in the elderly lifter. It seems to have extra bonuses thrown in like spiking I.Q., etc.Trust me on this one, since I'm working towards a PH.D. in molecular biophysics and my personal interest is in quantum chemistry. I have an extensive back ground in organic, bio, and bio-organic chemistry. I also follow Dr. Pasquale's diet regimens.

by Horrible

This product is horrible ive used it and i got depressed... I switched to Creadrive and i am now 6'2" 230lbs i bench 450 and squat 1200... i recommend everyone switch to creadrive

Great Styff
by Vynn

It is a great creatine supplement-- I won't deny it, but I think it is better suited for those who are getting back on track in fitness or those who are beginners in workout. I'd still recommend it to anyone. It produced great results for me!

by Austin.

This stuff is great. It really does give a decent boost in energy and helps you push just a little bit farther each time, whether it be body-building or cardio.

I do a steady mix of running, bmx and weightlifting and I would recommend this to anyone. Just make sure you drink plenty of water as with any work out.

by Matt H

Very quick results. Top of line when it comes to creatine. I feel more motivated with it in my system and can't recommend it more.

love it
by Bake

i loved taking it for workouts and in just a week i started to notice that i could lift more weight and do more sets then before i recommend it to anyone who is interested in gaining musle and wieght.

gnc creatine monohydrate
by tack

I bought this product on sale over a year ago and it sat in my cabinet as i wasted money and time on big brand name let downs. one day i threw out all my muscletech and mri junk and decided to try this. i have been employing this product (no load, at minumum dosages, 5gm a day) with some l-glutamine and daily vitamins and i have annihilated the gym. i have long lasting energy and endurance. i have not put on massive size (partly due to lots of cardio) however i have put on freakish lean muscle. i'm 6'2" 227lbs, 27yo, bench 325 and i feel i can accomplish even more with this product. very very affordable, only down side is its ability to dissolve fast. just make sure you get it all down don't leave any in the glass!! - tack

by Dr G

This product is not intended to replace a healthy diet or a positive work ethic during exercise. It is merely intended to help witn recovery and safe calculated improvements. Educate yourself about the product and the results will come naturally. So, the product works if you work with the product. No brain, no gain!

The last post is wrong
by cero guy

Do not take it with orange juice. Citric Acid breaks down creatine. Take it with grape juice, you will get better absorbtion as a result of an insulin boost in your blood stream.

by Adam

Drink it with Gatorade or with orange juice, something that has sugars. The creatine will attatch itself to the sugars and the sugars enter your blood stream with faster and more potent delivery. Drink enough water 5 grams off days 10 ten on workout days. 5 an hour before workingout 5 after. 50 grams a week.

by Phillip

i hate this product it taste and looks like sand i took half the bottle no results still look and feel the same whoever made this product should be shot!

Works after 5 days already
by Vlad

Im a 17 year old bodybuilder and once I started the product I could already feel the results as by day 5 on my 10 g loading phase I could do 2 more sets of 270 lb deadlifts and doing it with better explosiveness. Plus my friends noticed that I look more fuller and harder in just 1 week. So for me its truly a miracle product plus I got it for $15 for 100 servings at GNC:)

by Errik

The taste is horrible, as it tastes like liquid chalk. Also, many who take creatine like to "spoon" it, or basically just swallow the recommended dose without mixing with water. Well, make sure you prepare yourself, because it's like crushing a long piece of chalk and swallowing the powder. But I can't really deduct points for that because as a creatine powder, it works great. It's pure and really isn't something you're supposed to consume with another part of your diet, unlike whey protein, perhaps. It's not SUPPOSED to taste good. 5 stars.

Creatine Monohydrate is Great, GNC creatine is average..
by Jordan S

Creatine Monohydrate is a great addition to anyone's lifting and workout routine. It can give you that extra boost to push out those extra reps, help recovery time, and in the long run, build more muscular strength and endurance. GNC Creatine is certainly no exception, though compared to other creatine monohydrates, it lacks the edge. It is not micronized like many other creatine monohydrates, which means that it is not as easily dissolved in your water, juice, Gatorade or whatever you mix your creatine with. In fact, the 2.2 pounds of it I used never really dissolved at all. I basically just shook the bottle after each gulp to keep the creatine off the bottom. The larger particles also mean that the creatine is not as readily or quickly absorbed into your muscles. After a workout, your muscles go into recovery mode immediately, so the quicker this is absorbed, the better!

At a price of $40 for 2.2 pounds, I would simply expect better! I now use Prolab Creatine Monohydrate. It is Creapure from Germany (GNC is Chinese creatine, if I remember correctly, which is fine), but it is also micronized (unlike GNC) and it quickly and easily dissolves in my water! Plus, it costs about half as much as GNC creatine does..

by Jeremy P

If you're at a lukewarm place with your weight lifting routines, this could very well be the boost you need. I first bought this when it was on sale, but I've bought more since at regular price. I saw gains in my lifts almost immediately and my soreness felt like it was cut by a third. It's everything they say it is and then some. I would suggest this to anyone who is looking for a natural lift in their lifts.

Great Energy Boost
by Brandon Bilinski

If you are going to take creatine, just stick to the monohydrate. This product is fantastic for seeing great gains on weight in the gym. I take this before all of my workouts and my weights just seem to keep going up. One thing that I do find a bit annoying about this creatine is that it does not dissolve in liquids, so the powder is constantly sinking to the bottom of the cup and sticking to the sides. I recommend just taking the heaping teaspoon and then chasing it with a glass of water. This is the best supplement out there for weight lifters.

Love it!
by Jeremy Rose

I took this during college. I love it! This seemed to help me explode during my workouts. My energy and drive were so intensified! It is a wonderful product...get it. You will LOVE IT!!!

Pro Performance Creatine
by Jeff

This is truly a fantastic product. I have noticed that it really has increased my energy level and helps me get through those tough workout sessions. It does not have much of a taste at all. You need to remember that you need to drink lots of water while you are using this product. It is very important to do so.

Best deal!
by MK

This is all you need to experience the benefits of creatine! GNC was having a special sale and I got the 500g for $10! This is also very easy to take. I put 5g of powder in my mouth, follow that with Gatorade, mix it in your mouth, and that's it! I do this to make sure I am getting the full 5g because powder tends to stick to a shaker or cup. The best times to take it is in the morning on non-workout days and immediately after a workout. Don't forget to drink a lot of water!

hardwork is the key
by JamesN

This is just a little boost in your steps for a bigger body. The price is really decent compared to the others. As long as you take in enough water and don't dehydrate yourself from your workouts, than this product will work wonders for you!

Great Product
by Phil

I love using this product to help me after workouts. This is so much better than the ready mixed fruit flavors, which do not last a long time. Just mix it with some juice and drink lots of water. This really helps me recover from my workouts.

by Stephen E.

This stuff worked wonders for my strength! I noticed improvements within no time at all. Also, I never got as sore as I used to after working out when I used (and still use) this product. The only downside of using Creatine is that you need to make sure you drink a LOT of water! If you don't it can lead to massive dehydration, and thus, cramping. Further complications can arise if you are constantly dehydrated as well.

Potency is the key to success
by R. Todd Woodstock

Out of all the unflavored powdered creatine products I have tried, this is truly the top of my list. Be sure that when starting, to incorporate 20-30 grams a day to start. This really gets the gears in motion, which is considered the loading phase. Maintenance with 10-15 should be efficient. Don't forget to stay hydrated with almost a gallon of water a day. This blends perfect and it truly is flavorless.

by startnout

Used this product 4 years ago and it worked wonders. I had strength increases, and I never felt sore after a workout while using it. Definitely give this product (or other creatine monos) a try. Remember, to drink a lot of water while using.

Very good
by Jeff

Creatine monohydrate is great for helping muscular power and explosive movements in weightlifting and sports that require it. Creatine mono is tested and proven safe and effective, and this product will work great for most people. Make sure to drink at least .6 x bodyweight in water ounces each day, preferably more. If you use creatine and don't drink enough water, cramping can occur; the only "side effect" of creatine usage. It is NOT a steroid.

Overall, a great product!

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Amateur bodybuilder
by Anthony

I can say honestly that this is a great product for the price (even by GNC standards). It's not the best but if your looking to either get started or get back in the gym without pricey payout for supplements, this is a good way to go.