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Good Results but Bloating Sucks
by David Ho

I've been using it for a little over a 3 months now. I find that if I mix it with my shake, it goes down easier. If I take the powder with some juice or something, it messes up my stomach. Besides that, I have gotten good results with it as it has helped me bulk up and get more lean. The only problem that I've had is the fact that it maintains water weight, which is good since it dilutes the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles during a work out, but is bad if you don't rehydrate after a workout and you get muscle cramps all over. Also make sure to continue working out after you get off of this since I've found that I lost some muscle when I took a break and stopped working out for a week.

Nice Gains
by David

Creatine Fuel was used by my husband in his work-out protocol for about 6 months. He felt like he had maxed out on his size, since he was only able to work-out for about 45 minutes a day at lunch. He started to use the creatine on the advise of a co-worker and started to notice positive changes immediately. He will not consider stopping the creatine, because it gives him that nice cut on the muscle which motivates him to continue working hard!

Want bloat??
by JH

Oh my god, I bloated up like a balloon on this stuff. It worked, but no better than any other creatine I have ever used. This Muscletech stuff will bloat you. I would say if you don't mind the bloat and paying for the name, get it, and it will work. But if you find a Kre-Alkalyn creatine, you will be much happier, and less bloated.

Not Great At All
by Robert

This product isn't that good. I used it for about a month and didn't really see a change. I started using whey protein instead and have seen a bigger improvement by that. Don't waste your money on this and save by getting whey protein.

Great Stuff
by Tom

Very good product. I found that this is much less gritty than most other creatine products I've tried and dissolves better. I have noticed a big difference in my recovery time and seem to have more energy overall. I would definitely recommend this product.

Creatine 6000-ES
by Sandra Blake

This product does not live up to the hype. I needed a boost after I stopped working out and tried this product for extra strength. The taste was hard to get past and after being on the product for approximately one month, I noticed no change.

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