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Pleasant Surprise
by Aileen ZH

I started taking creatine about a week ago to bulk up and lift more. My bench has already increased about 10 pounds and I look much bigger. It works, no lie.

Up your Bulk
by Jasams

I started using this product when I had strayed away from weightlifting and wanted to re-motivate myself by adding bulk quickly. I chose this brand because it was a good price and had a choice of flavors. It tastes pretty good so I only mix it with water. I felt it working a few days into my regular routine and I still take it on my off days. Of course, as with most supplements, you have to stick to your workout diet to see maximum results. I recommend this product to anyone that wants to add bulk and stamina.

Great product!!
by R. Shah

I have been taking this for about three months now. I mix it with water or Gatorade. You can't hardly even taste it, so you don't have to worry about that. After using this product for three months I have noticed some results. First I noticed that with this I can lift with more intensity which allows me to build bigger muscles. I have also noticed I gained 5 lbs once I started using this product. The only side effect I did notice was cramping, but once I started drinking more water they went away. Overall its a Great product to help increase your muscle!

Pump you up
by PT

I used this for awhile when I was working out on a regular basis. I did notice better gains when using this as opposed to just working out. The taste can be gritty if you don't mix it with a lot of liquids but taken with Gatorade it doesn't taste bad. In order for the product to work, you have to maintain a proper and set workout regimen. For those that have the discipline, this will assist in getting to your goal.

Great Supplement!
by Jeremy Rose

Back when I played college baseball, I took this every day for 2 1/2 years and worked out three days a week. I experienced twice the positive results of working out while I was taking this supplement. Without this product, my muscles didn't seem to develop as fast. This works and it has no harmful side effects that I experienced. It's GREAT!

by Stanimir Yordanov

I have used this product for about one and a half years now. It gives me great results. The price is right, and after the first week of using it, you can feel that it works.

Great value
by John H

I love the feel I get when in the gym with this. I truly feel it working when I'm doing sets to failure. Sets that used to end at 8 reps are routinely upped to 10. Those extra reps are what helps you grow, and I get to hit those reps with this.

Prolab works
by will

In general, Pro lab gets it right, but sometimes it costs more (you get what you pay for in the supplement world). This creatine mono is a good, no-nonsense, sugarless mix, and I have been using for 2 years pre-workout.

Powder Power
by R. Todd Woodstock

I gave this four stars for its power punch. Even though I often utilize liquid forms of creatine monohydrate, this powder is a great supplement, especially during the stacking phase. The price is right on this one!

by EF

A good product. Creatine is a proven aid for those involved in high intensity exercise. This products represents a simple creatine monohydrate product, no added colourings, sugar etc. Just straight up creatine monohydrate, the way it should be.

i recommend
by Owen Oswald

I have seen very good results, but it took a couple of weeks to actually get started. Good for first time weight lifters that are looking for something good to use.

by L Stapleton

Works as a muscle builder, but tastes chalky and made me bloated.

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