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I like it
by Tyler

Ive been using Twin Lab since my freshman year prolly starting off benching a meesly 85 pounds and now as a starting junior i can put up about 205. No doubt a gain of about 45 pounds of weight.

Not bad
by Adam

I have tried several Creatine products, from powders to capsules and these capsules are nothing special. They work about the same as any other brand, so if you can find it cheaper, go for it.
I've used TwinLab products before and have never had any issues with any of their products.

Works out if YOU work out
by Josh

This is a great supplement. Twinlabs is well-known in the muscle-building world and I trust their products. Creatine helps increase your muscle building but you need to pair it with actual exercises. Don't take this pill thinking it will somehow make you muscular. You still need to work out. I've recently started exercising and have found supplements to be a big boost to my routine. I'm still waiting to see if I notice any extraordinary growth compared to before I took the supplements, but research backs it up!

Pretty good results
by James

This is one of the better creatine products I have experienced. After 2 weeks, I put on an additional 6 pounds of weight. I felt that it was less water weight this time as opposed to other times I have loaded up on creatine. Another positive result was the increase in ALL my weights, seeing the biggest gain in bench press, 25 lbs. after about a month! I would definitely use another cycle of this!

I noticed a major difference.
by Farooq Usman

I started taking this product two months ago, in the first week, I gained 3 pounds, and I was quite happy with the results. I took this product because a friend of mine recommended it to me. I must say, it was one of the best choices I made. I will continue to purchase this product because I like the great results I am getting with it. It is a cheap and affordable way to bulk up.

by Becky

My husband took this for about a year, he was happy with it at first but then moved on to something he thought was better. I guess it would be good for someone who is not real serious about their workouts.

Nice Gains
by Chris

This is an ok creatine supplement. I have tried many brands of creatine and I have to say this is one of the better capsule creatine supplements I have tried. After 2 weeks I did gain 4 pounds (which is because of the water it puts underneath my muscles). I also experienced a increase in my bench press after taking this. I went up a total of 15 pounds in just 1 month. I will definitely try this product again.

Effective and Helpful
by Margi L

Creatine Fuel was used by my husband in his workout protocol for about 6 months. He felt like he had maxed out on his size since he was only able to workout for about 45 minutes a day at lunch. He started to use the Creatine on the advice of a co-worker and started to notice positive changes immediately. He will not consider stopping the Creatine because it gives him that nice cut on the muscle which motivates him to continue working hard!

Where's the fuel?
by Elizabeth

My boyfriend is very diligent about working out and had hit a wall as far as his body mass. He decided to try the Creatine Fuel and found that it really didn't do much for him. He hit the weights hard and was religious about taking the creatine. Unfortunately, he really didn't see that great of results and said he would not try the product again.

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