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Able to workout again
by Tyler Vissers

I have had pain from basketball injuries in my knee and ankles and this supplement has made a diffrence. I have been able to get back to working out and a better quality of life.

It's one of the best!
by Joel Santo Domingo

My wife takes this regularly now and doesn't suffer from muscle pain that much anymore. Now we buy it all the time. Thank you so much for making this!

Bounceback: Worth a Try
by Leigh Taylor

Bounceback makes alot of claims to help you "bounceback" reducing muscle soreness and stiffness from overexertion. Also, it has antioxidants, and immune system support. Many users say it has helped them and lives up to it's claims. Perhaps it's worth a try.

It works
by Carol

I have CRPS, have suffered with pain for 9 years. This product is quite good. It took a month, but I will continue to use it daily.

by Garry

In 1984 I had a head on collision with a 40 ton Truck which I was very lucky to survive although I was in hospital and rehab for a year with multiple injuries.

Glad to be alive, I put up with pain with every step for over 20 years and had to have ops to remove the persistent calcification in my ankle .

When I first found the Mannatech technology it was with general preventative health in mind as I didn't think there was anything that would improve my old injuries much - but I was in for a pleasant surprise as I noticed a steady improvement and at last check didn't have to go for another unpleasant scheduled op on my right ankle. Yaahoo! It was a lot better but I was still limited in what I could do

Then a year ago Mannatech launched their latest breakthrough in Bounceback and I started to take it - just 2 caps a day on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

To my amazement my old injuries have steadily got better and better - seriously after 1 year on the Bounceback it's like I have a new ankle. I can do things now that before Mannatech would have left me suffering for days. It didn't happen overnight - like most Mannatech products, it takes time for them to work their magic. After 25 years of dealing with nagging old injuries what a relief it has been to become pain free - Thanks Mannatech you've done it again!

Please note: This is an honest opinion - I am NOT the Mannatech merchant on this site

No more aches and pains
by J.B.Hansen

I went to visit a mate in the country that I had not seen for a long time. He did not tell me that he had 3 bricklayers and a brikkies labourer building his shed/garage. I sit behind a computer and work in an office every day and am not at all fit like I used to be.
After being a brikkies labourer for a full day carting bricks and handing them up to the scaffold I expected to be very sore both the day after and especially the second day. Nothing....... yes , I was a bit tired, but not sore at all ?? I had been on the product for about 3-4 weeks when this happened . How old am I , .... 56

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