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Great tasting
by Kat

I used to drink this for breakfast as a child, and I loved the strawberry flavor. Now that I am grown, I prefer the Mocha flavor. They mix smoothly and make you fill full for a long time.

by Ralph

Like all the powdered protein drinks, look at the amino acids for glutamic acid/glutamate/msg. If the amino acids are not listed count on having msg.

by pete

This mixes well and very delicious. Smooth and not heavy.

by Patti King

This was purchased for my fiance,and he is still using it. From what I can see it is helping a lot!

Loved it
by Nichole

As far as shakes are concerned this one easily taste the best of all the ones I've tried and due to having my mouth wired shut twice due to having surgery on jaw I can say I've tasted quit a bit of shakes.

by GodsBurden

I've tried this shake from a sample that was sent out to me. I had both the blueberry flavor and the vanilla shake. By far, one of the best shake mixes I've ever tried. I know... i know... only for protein gain, but really it was so tasty that I actually used it for a real milkshake. It was delicious. I'd highly recommend the product on taste alone.

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