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by Natasha

They need to rethink their formula and come up with something that tastes better. This didn't cut it for me.

Better out there!
by Linda

This product tasted bad! It gave a bad after taste in my mouth. The only reason I bought this protein bar was because it was on sale. I will never buy this brand again. I do not recommend this product.

by brosfam

This product was TERRIBLE. I bought it yesterday at the local Giant supermarket because it was on sale. It was bland and very difficult to even swallow. There are better alternatives than this protein bar. It has protein, so I can't really complain.

by momof2

All I can say is Gross! I stopped at the store for a "snack" and thought I would try this protein bar. What a disappointment- it was gross. It had a horrible, chalky taste and strange odor. I would never buy this again. Yuck!

Not very good
by Savannah R.

I have been trying new protein bars and frankly this one is not that great. It has a horrible after taste that makes you want to wash your mouth out. I have had other protein bars that were MUCH better.

Taste buds beware!
by R. Todd Woodstock

Although protein may be on a bodybuilders mind, so should a bar that can be considered palatable. In this case, the brand was tossed right in the trash can and I'm sure the flies never even gave it a chance. I never recommend this to anyone, one bite was too much for me.

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