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Not sweet enough
by Clint

If you don't mind adding a little sugar then you will be able to handle the taste better.

by Bridgette O

I give it 3 stars. It tastes okay.

by Mary

I tried the cookies and cream flavor and it was great! Did not taste like a protein shake at all. No aftertaste. Great amounts of protein!

Myoplex Lite
by Donna Albright

My husband uses these as a daily pick me up. He really likes them. He says he enjoys these because of no nasty bitter, or sour taste. They taste like a real creamy shake.The lite has a lot fewer calories then the original, but he taste no difference between them. with all the vitamins and minerals in them to help your body,and the taste is wonderful,theres nothing that can compare myoplex lite shakes.

by kim

Great product. helped to make my workouts better and stay awake longer.

Myoplex Lite- Review
by Donna Molaie

My boyfriend has tried several protein powders to help with fat loss/ muscle gain; myoplex lite has proven to be the most successful.

***The bodybuilding proteins he had used prior to this one which were not effective were:
1. Animal Max Protein (Universal Nutrition)
2. Protein Matrix (Prolab)
3. Protein Plus Soy (Met-RX)

He used it consistently: 2 shakes a day (8 oz)- 1 at lunch, and the other around dinner time right after an evening workout. The first couple months he worked out every other day, and after that he eventually increased is workouts to every day (Workouts were generally 1.25 hrs: 15-20 minutes of cardio followed by 45-60 minutes of weight lifting.).

In addition, he also said that the taste was much better than other products he had tried.

After 5 months, my boyfriend accomplished the following with Myoplex Lite and 3-5 workouts/ week:
-reduced body fat of 6%
-gained 28 lbs. of muscle

by ruth

This is a pretty good product It helped to decrease my appetite It gives me the energy I need to get through my workouts. It tastes good and it it's very easy to mix with no gritty texture.

Delicious but Soooo Lite!
by Myoplex Lite

This is a nutritious, low-calorie product that boosts your energy within 10 minutes.

Shake it!
by J

Great nutritional shake, and it tastes good too. EAS is definitely a good name in nutrition and their Myoplex shakes are affordable and nutritional. Do not use these shakes if you are bulking, only if you are cutting or trying to lose weight.

by sanddy

I'm very sensitive to side effects (have thrown away bottles of expensive supplements which caused jitters, mood swings, irritability, depression, palpitations...) so I was hesitant to invest in another product of this kind. Since some reviews mentioned no side-effects, I tried it. NO SIDE EFFECTS! Took one in the morning for a few days. Didn't notice anything at all. But the last 3 days I started jogging and since I'm so low-energy, I took 2 caps before each jog. For the rest of the evening I was not hungry. Sensible dinner, no cravings. One drawback: I took them later in the day (5PM) and could NOT sleep (no jitters, but wide awake til 5:30AM, til 2:30AM the next day - even after taking herbal sleep remedy). Try this, especially on sale to reduce purchase risk, and see if they work for you. It was worth it for me. But be careful timing doses.

Myoplex shakes
by Amy

I eat protein bars to try to get in my protein for the day. I decided to try the shakes because I thought it would be an easy way to get in the protein. Yuck! They taste disgusting. Also they make my gag reflux go into overtime. I had to hold my nose to drink the shake. I just couldn't stomach them so I threw them out.

Great product
by Barry

Great work out snack for pre/post workout. I've taken it before many times to help me burn calories fast and keep with my low carb diet. If you want a fast acting and good tasting product you should give this out for a try. I've been using this shake for a while and it works great and it has helped me bulk up quick and efficiently.

Myoplex one great taster
by treefer

This is a very solid combination of proteins, the right fats, while being low on the carbs. I found that it helped me with my gains, and I felt less sluggish than I did with the regular Myoplex. I loved the flavors, and would buy it again.

Works for my husband!
by momof2

My husband drinks this before every work out. He puts it in the blender with ice and it tastes really good. I am not into meal replacement drinks (I prefer food), but he loves these. It has less calories than the original Myoplex and is a great tool in weight loss for him. The individual packets are convenient for him to take to work too. Great product!

Great tasting!
by Jody

This powder doesn't even taste like a "protein powder" - I mix it in the blender with some ice, water and a little peanut butter and it's fabulous - super nutritious too. It's not super "low carb", but the combination of protein/carbs works really well to keep my energy up. A great 10 AM snack that holds me until 12:30.

A hit!
by Blueberry

My friend who's husband uses EAS products swears by this product. He is a long distance runner and uses this product all the time. They like that its low in fat. He is also a big fan of the EAS energy bars. They highly recommend this product to people actively involved in sports.

Not Lite On Good Qualities
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

If it was low carb AND everything else it is, I would give it a 5. I know EAS has a low carb formula too, but if you are not a low carber, then this one is better, in my opinion. First of all, it does taste good even though it is lighter than the original. You can even get boxes of variety packs which I like, so you don't spend all that money and are stuck with only one flavor. They have no hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated fats and oils, or else I wouldn't use them at all. They are only between 190 to 200 calories, which is really good for a whole meal replacement and the fat is low too, most only 2 to 3 grams and NO trans fats or saturated fats. Another thing I like, is they have between 4 to 5 grams of fiber, which is often lacking in these types of shakes. PLUS, they have a long list of vitamins, minerals and supplements that are known to help your metabolism as well as your muscles at the same time! They even have things in there to help protect and nurture your thyroid. I read labels very carefully and take it from me, it looks like they put a lot of thought and research into the development of this product and I feel good about drinking it. I think if it helpful to weight loss as well as bodybuilders. I have always had a respect for Bill Phillips of the Body for Life program, and I respect all the good qualities of this shake product as well.

EAS, I like it, I like it!
by R. Todd Woodstock

Mr. Phillips certainly has a hit with this one. I loved how smooth the instant shakes tasted, no chalky taste like others I have tried. With 25 grams of quality protein and low fat, this was right up my alley. Good stuff!

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