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soy protein
by Renny Lungima

I never try this product of Soy Protein, so I hope I can get a product sample before I buy. thanks

Love Soy
by Nichole Alderfer

I drink soy all the time; I like that it is sweeter then milk. This works well for me since it is in powder form. Like a lot of protein mixes it does not mix well.

This is a good product
by Carol

I used this product when I was on the Atkins diet. I liked it, but I get another product for less money so I no longer use it. I have no complaints about it other than it's price.

Good to be alive
by rexy

GNC SoyProtein Vanilla flavor with no after-taste. I have a few allergies especially to cow's milk, so soy replaces my milk-urges! Will definitely be stocking up after finishing 16oz.

Soy Protein at it's best.
by Deanie

Exercising every night after work, 3 times a week, calls for something great to be added to my diet, such as soy protein. I had no idea why I was so washed out.
A trainer had suggested the Sports Nutrition Supplement from GNC to me, at my gym. I have used this product for almost 2 months.
It does taste refreshing after a long workout, and puts energy back where it belongs. I no longer feel washed out after exercising, and I will continue to use this product faithfully. The price is great also.

Good Energy Drink
by Theepa

Being an active tennis player, my husband needs a complete energy drink before his practice and matches. Soy Protein drink keeps his energy level up throughout his practice sessions. Unlike other sports supplement which leaves you feeling heavy, soy protein drink gives a lighter energetic feeling.

No after taste
by ndy

My problem with most most soy protein supplements are the horrible after taste they leave on the mouth. I am happy to say that this one is not one of them. I have been taking it for sometime and I like the taste and feel in the mouth.

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