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Protein Diet Bars
by Donna Albright

I use these bars each day. I start with one each morning. The taste and texture of these bars are great.It helps to curb my appetite and still gives me the strength to go all day.I recommend these bars highly.

Different taste
by Green

I have tried many protein bars, but the texture of this one was very memorable. It wasn't crumbly like some bars or brick-like, like some others. This was more chewy, I suppose. It did boost my energy level and provide me with a good source of protein so it served its purpose, but I don't think I'd recommend it. As a protein source, there are other bars that provide more protein per bar.

Edible but not great
by Ryan

I have only tried the chocolate fudge protein bar. They are edible but by no means are they tasty. I have never finished eating one whole bar in one sitting. I usually only eat half of the bar and save the other half for the next day. I can say they do satisfy my hunger but I cannot say they actually improve or add any health benefits. As for me, I have not felt any additional improvement to my health. Given the price and the fact that I only eat half of a bar a day makes these protein bars reasonably priced.

Tastes good to me!
by Bryan M

Great balance of protein and carbs for a cutting cycle. Taste is pretty darn good, and I have had them for around 4 months or so. I would definitely recommend the bars to someone else.

Bulk Up Fast
by Mike

Protein Diet Bars nourishes your body with the same ingredients in a wholesome protein shake. They are light and convenient to travel with, packed with vitamins and low in carbohydrates, and great tasting. Not to mention it also puts you in great shape and fuels you throughout the day.

Keeps Me From Snacking
by Katelin

I'm notorious for snacking between meals and it can get a little out of hand. I think that's the main reason why I've been unable to lose the weight that I want. The appeal of protein bars for me is that one tends to fill me up and is better for me than the usual chips or candy that I reach for.

I have tried a few different protein bars, and this is one of my favorites as far as taste and texture go. They aren't overly sweet and yet they're not bland either. In my opinion, each flavor tastes wonderful, though the chocolate coconut and chocolate peanut butter are my favorites.

A lot of people get put off when they try protein bars because they're expecting something more like a candy bar. Well, come on, if you want a candy bar, then go get one! But if you want something that's tasty, better for you, and fills you up, then give these a try!

Dry-But They'll Do in a Pinch
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I don't get these all the time because they aren't my favorite. I have gotten them several times in a pinch, because I do find their nutritional quality to be decent. They do have high protein, low fat, and low carb characteristics that I find important to me. The calories are reasonable as well. The ingredients are also fine. As far as taste though, they are ok, in my opinion. Not bad at all, but just ok. Mostly because I find them to be way too dry for my taste and HAVE to eat them with a lot to drink. The taste may be a bit bland or maybe because it takes so long to chew them, due to the dryness, that I get tired of the flavor, I don't know. I guess that could be a good point if you want to FEEL like you are eating more and longer than you are. I have tried the chocolate coconut, the chocolate peanut butter, the chocolate mint and chocolate fudge and I think they are all about equal in the ways I mentioned already. I do find that if I am getting hungry with my tummy growling, and have one of these with a lot to drink, it DOES quiet my tummy down and I do feel satiated enough, so that is certainly a plus.

Way too good to be true
by R. Todd Woodstock

This is by far my favorite brand of bars for my low-carb lifestyle. Every flavor I have tried has been fantastic. My favorite is coconut; however, I would never push any flavor away--they are all yummy, yummy for my tummy. Also, at only 3 carbs. and 20 grams of protein, these are just the ticket to tantalize my taste buds.

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