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Not a good taste
by Clint

I tried these and it was very dry and bland. I will stick to my snickers marathon

by Mary

Pretty good for energy before a long workout. They are pricey though.

Very chewy
by John S.

I have tried these a few months ago. If you wouldn't like putting your jaw and teeth through hard labor, I wouldn't go for these. They are very chewy and the taste is not too well.

Tastes like dirt.
by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

They sell this REALLY cheap at BigLots. I got a box for maybe 2 dollars. I can see why. My flavor was Cookies and Cream. The "cookies" are not really "cookies", they're just the bar molded to look like cookie chips. The vanilla 'frosting' is like a coat of plastic. One bite and I was chewing rubber. I have NO clue why ANYONE would say "Tastes great!" That's obviously a fraud. My DOG would not even eat this. Does that say something? Buy this if you would like to bite into a bar of rubber/dirt/you name it.

Terrible Taste
by Jsn

Terrible taste, if you are looking for protein bars there are ones that taste better and provide more nutritional value than these do. I gave mine to my friend who eats anything and he didn't mind them.

Taste Great!
by cooldan1

Maybe it's just me but these bars taste great! I assume that the taste varies person to person but these are great on the go if you don't have enough time to get all your protein in. You can feel the difference in your energy a lot and you also feel healthier. It works as advertised and I recommend it to everyone to forget the taste and remember that it will help you!

Taste Awful
by Alex

If you can stomach the taste, these Protein Bars are actually pretty good for you. They've got a lot of vitamins and minerals, but they taste awful. If you absolutely have to have your protein in a bar, I'd recommend trying another brand. That's what I'll be doing.

I could eat these as snacks
by Mike

These are hands down, one of the best tasting protein bars that have crossed my lips. My parents bought them for help with their mountain biking, but were somewhat dissatisfied in that they didn't provide much energy. I got a hold of them to support my workout and am quite satisfied. Somebody mentioned that they taste like candy, and I couldn't agree more. In addition to having a good flavor (the chocolate brownie is the one I refer to), they have a fair amount of protein that is anything but unwelcome in my diet.

by julia

It was so hard to eat these. I hated how they tasted and they just weren't worth the money. I really hated eating it. Even though they are supposed to be a good source of protein and give you a good amount of energy, they didn't do that for me, so I don't ever want to buy this again. I see that it worked for some people, and they liked the taste, so I recommend it to some people, but it just is not for me.

Not the best your money can buy
by ihscav99

This is probably the most awful tasting protein bar I've tried. Your money is better used elsewhere. It does serve its purpose with a significant amount of protein per serving, but it's also a little higher in saturated fat than I would like. But again, it all comes down to taste and this bar fails in a big way! Spend your money elsewhere!

Tastes like candy
by Silvio Chiba

If you closed your eyes and took a bite out of the Promax protein bar you would swear that it was some sort of candy bar. This stuff tastes great and I love to have it as a little treat. The only downside is that it really doesn’t give you any energy, but it sure packs a lot of protein. Buy this if you want a great tasting protein bar.

Hmm.. is it working?
by cecilia

I remember my friend gave me one of these bars as a snack when we were at the gym. I actually did not like the taste of it much. I was hungry, so I just ate the whole thing. Anyway. It did not help with any increase in energy as it claims to do. I do not recommend this to others. There are many other energy/protein bars out there that tastes better and actually works better.

Delicious taste
by Marlon

This energy bar was among the best I have ever tasted. It did not have the usual rock hard texture as others are notorious for, but rather it was similar to a regular candy bar. The different flavors are not tainted with the aftertaste of chemicals, and with all the different varieties there is a flavor for every palate.

Different texture
by NTReviewer

I have tried many protein bars, but the texture of this one was very memorable. It wasn't crumbly like some bars or brick-like, like some others. This was more chewy, I suppose. It did boost my energy level and provide me with a good source of protein so it served its purpose, but I don't think I'd recommend it. As a protein source, there are other bars that provide more protein per bar.

Yummy but no energy
by katy

These bars taste really good, my favorite is the chocolate fudge one, but they're really just like a candy bar. I felt no added energy, and they aren't very healthy either. But if you're looking for a yummy treat, these taste great!

by v

These protein bars are painfully average tasting, and are even leaning towards just plain old bad tasting. Protein bar textures are typically strange, I know, just... not this strange. It was really chewy and awkward tasting. The more I think about it the less I like it. This bar isn't good for weight loss, but probably best for building strength and immunity.

yummy yummy
by Niki Hause

I wouldn't really call this a protein bar. It actually tastes really good. It doesn't have nearly the amount of protein as some of the other bars, and it definitely is not low in carbs for those looking for a weight maintenance/loss protein bar. However, the oreo cookie bar is a much better option than a candy bar, but I think it contain contains just as much sugar. They are very sweet, nothing like those other "healthy" bars that are gritty and hard to swallow.

Not too much hype on energy
by R. Todd Woodstock

I have had these bars often when I found them on sale, but I definitely wouldn't go out of the way for purchasing. The taste is moderate, not much to go nuts over, but still edible. There is a decent amount of protein, but too chewy for my taste. As an energy bar, no difference that was noticed. I do like that antioxidants were incorporated and this is what gave this 2.5 stars, but that's the only reason.

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