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Muscle-XGF is a potent mass gaining formula designed for solid lean muscle growth without fat gain.

MyoGen-8 is our new multi-release, 8-stage, nitrogen-rich protein hybrid – consisting of 8 precision coalesced protein composites designed for slow, medium, and fast nitrogen delivery. You get fast and long lasting nitrogen delivery for immediate and extended protein synthesis.

Muscle-XGF is formulated with a special thermogenic lipid complex that provides your body with fuel for intense energy and thermogenic calories that support fat burning to make you leaner. Rich in CLA, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, Muscle-XGF delivers the performance and benefits of engineered lipids to support vital hormone production and help promote optimal health.

New Muscle-XGF has redefined the weight gainer category. It’s ultra low in carbohydrates, but high in protein and nutrient dense, muscle-building calories. Muscle-XGF is designed for the typical "hard gainer" - those who have a hard time gaining weight and who want rapid gains in lean muscle growth. Muscle-XGF gives you constructive, dense calories while at the same time eliminating excessive carbohydrate intake and fat gain.

Each serving of Muscle-XGF supplies 3 grams of pure micronized creatine monohydrate and ATP co-factors for research proven dynamic muscle and strength gains and muscle creatine saturation.

Muscle-XGF also supplies abundant amounts of BCAAs and free L-Leucine with each serving that are critical to anabolic and anti-catabolic processes.

Muscle-XGF tastes like a gourmet milkshake and supplies all the critical nutrients for supporting fast muscle growth. Each glass provides a hefty caloric punch without giving you that bloated, overly full feeling.
Product: Muscle-XGF
Brand: All Sports Science (More Products)
Size: 2.64 lbs.
Dosage: 2 Scoops
Retail: $49.95
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1 Customer Reviews

a mulitphase approach
by Barry

Muscle-XGF creators realized that when we want to add lean mass, it takes delivering protein in phases not merely quick release. I continued searching for that extra "something" in order to add muscle gains but not fat gains (the age old struggle). What I found in Muscle-XGF is that through use of nitrogen delivery, they offer that quick delivery for immediate post-workout protein needs as well as extended phases that keep the muscles enrich with protein and needed nutrients to keep the gains coming without the consequences of fat.
I especially like to use this for a mid day protein source and a nighttime source right before bed. This keeps the body anabolic. Yet - I have no nightmares of horrid fat gains.