f Bio-Engineered Supplements True-Mass Reviews and Information


True-Mass contains absololutely no hormones, creatine, stimulants, or aspartame compounds. Rich in BCAA's and other highly essential and non-essential Amino Acids. True Mass contains more than adequate amounts of every amino acid you require to maximize your muscular gains.

True-Mass offers complete calorie and nutrient support for advanced mass-building. The A.M.-P.M. Nutrient Blend contains 6 different proteins plus complex carbohydrates. A serving of True Mass is a good source of fiber.
Product: True-Mass
Brand: Bio-Engineered Supplements (More Products)
Size: 5.75 lbs.
Dosage: 3 Scoops
Retail: $59.99
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3 Customer Reviews

5 lbs.
by True Mass

I've experienced incredible gains in muscle from using thi product and would recommend it to all serious lifter trying to inceases their muscle mass and density.

Exercise Science Student
by J.M.

I am reviewing this product for my sports nutrition class. I choose it because I also use it. I have found it useful in exactly what it says, it is a dietary supplement, and it adds those extra calories you need.

I don't know wher TR got his info on the sugar because I have the product in front of me and the nutrition table states that each serving is 3 scoops in which it gives 14grams of sugar.

Very good blend
by TR

This is a very high quality protein blend that makes sure to leave out anything unnecessary things such as sugars and simple carbs. Many people just check to see how many grams are in each scoop but fail to see that each scoop also contains 30g of sugar. It's a tad pricey but if you're willing to pony up the cash for it you will not be disappointed.