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EAS(tm) FOUNDATION NUTRITION FEED YOUR POTENTIAL(tm) Myoplex(reg) CARB SENSE(reg) NUTRITION SHAKE25g PROTEIN 25 grams of Quality Protein24 VITAMINS & MINERALS2g IMPACT CARBS Only 2 grams of Impact Carbohydrates Myoplex(reg) Carb Sense(reg) is also available in convenient, delicious bars and Ready-To-Drink shakes. Use Foundation Nutrition products such as Myoplex(reg) Carb Sense(reg) Nutrition Shakes and Ready-To-Drinks to meet your basic nutrition needs. Take the guesswork out of providing the body with the proper protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals needed to support your active lifestyle. Myoplex(reg) Carb Sense(reg) offers a comprehensive, convenient and economical tool you can use, day in and day out, to provide your body with the nutrients you need for your active lifestyle. Myoplex(reg) Carb Sense(reg) is ideal anytime of day when you need a protein rich supplemental meal.Maximize Muscularity, Minimize Bodyfat!Myoplex(reg) CARB SENSE(reg) is a very versatile tool that provides your body with a high quality protein blend to support lean muscle without additional carbohydrates. Use Myoplex(reg) CARB SENSE(reg) as part of your protein requirements, or use it as a before-bedtime snack to protect your hard-earned muscle while you sleep! Why Regulate Your Carb Intake?Carbohydrates influence the release of insulin, the body's primary storage hormone, and therefore may have an effect on fat loss. Insulin acts as a transporter in the body, shuttling nutrients into tissues for storage, including muscle and fat cells. While adequate carbohydrate storage in the muscle is necessary for energy, too much may cause a spill-over effect into fat cells. For individuals wanting to lose fat, consuming excess carbohydrates may slow progress to reach their goal. Thus, minimizing fluctuating insulin levels triggered by carbohydrate consumption may help accelerate fat loss.¹Using Myoplex(reg) Carb Sense(reg) as Part of Your Daily Meal PlanAt EAS(reg), we recommend feeding your body six times throughout the day for best results in supporting lean body mass and fat loss. That's why supplementing up to three meals per day with Myoplex(reg) Carb Sense(reg) meal replacement shakes is a convenient, great-tasting way to get the right protein, vitamins and minerals your body needs, without additional carbohydrates. This meal plan helps to control blood sugar and stabilizes insulin levels¹ while your body is supplied with 25 grams of high-quality, muscle-preserving protein. With Myoplex(reg) Carb Sense(reg), achieving your best body ever just got easier!Myoplex(reg) Carb Sense(reg) as a Before-Bed Snack One factor that may be holding you back from obtaining maximum muscularity is night time amino acid deficiency. When you sleep, the body is without protein for a substantial period of time which leads to a decrease in the available amino acid pool. This decrease may put the body into amino acid starvation, and cause stripping of amino acids from muscle tissue to support other functions in the body² This obviously puts muscle support at a disadvantage as amino acids are crucial for protein synthesis and the maintenance of lean tissue. By using Myoplex(reg) Carb Sense(reg) as a before-bedtime meal or snack, the body is supplied with high-quality protein to deliver amino acids for lean mass support, without additional carbohydrates leaving you susceptible to unwanted body fat storage. References 1. VolekJS, Sharman MJ, Love DM, Avery NG, Gomez AL, Scheett TP, Kraemer WJ. Body Composition and Hormonal Responses to a Carbohydrate-restricted diet. Metabolizm 2002 Jul;51(7) 2. Wolfe RR. Regulation of muscle protein by amino acids. J Nutr 2002 Oct;132(10):3219S-24S. Sweetened with Splenda(reg) Brand
Product: Myoplex Carb Sense Vanilla
Brand: EAS (More Products)
Size: 20 Packets
Retail: $49.95
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