f GNC GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer 2200 Reviews and Information

GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer 2200

When mixed with 2% reduced-fat milk, one serving provides 2200 calories and features 69 grams from an exclusive protein blend, 442 grams of carbohydrates and a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Weight Gainer 2200 Gold supplies important ingredients like creatine that provides support for immediate energy production, guarana and Branched Chain Amino Acids that every athlete wants.

Aminogen and Carbogen, patented enzyme systems that have been added to aid protein and carbohydrate breakdown, making this weight gaining product.
Product: GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer 2200
Brand: GNC (More Products)
Size: 6 lbs.
Dosage: 3 Rounded Scoops
Retail: $36.99
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8 Customer Reviews

by Ghost Rider

I used to be 60 KG but now 75 KG frankly Speaking this Product works well on me btw use blender best mixing .This is the Highest Calories (2200) among other gainer products .. This is the KING weight Gainer product !!

Personal Experience
by luke malloy

i just recently purchased this product and and i have to say how on earth do you guys drink this its the worst thing ive ever drank its just so thick.. i even used half a gallon of milk and it still didnt water down the thickness but im trying to deal with it i hope it works because it just makes me sick..

quick tip!
by nina v

I have just started this weigt gainer so I dont have any results yet. What I did want to say is I notice alot of people talk about the taste. It is HORRIBLE, i mean I was gagging when I first tried to drink it. But, if you blend it with a banana it is really good. I am able to drink the whole 24oz and not feel sick. Try that, it really makes a difference!!!

Great Product
by Lisa Martin

I had lost a ton of weight and tried this product and it is incredible. I have gained just enough weight to be where I want to be. It has made a HUGE difference in my body. I am very pleased with the results.

personal experience
by Anonymous

it does a good job when it comes to weight gainers and price, but it is horrible to drink. I might just not be doing a good job mixing

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