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6 Customer Reviews

consumer reviewer
by Lynn

After trying a sample, I decided to buy a bottle as I am in need of vitamin B12. Not only do they taste good, but I also felt my energy level go up!

My Girlfriend Loves these
by Kieth G

My Girlfriend loves these, and she actually introduced me to them. I have to admit, they do taste good.

by Nichole

I got these as a sample. They were okay, but I will probrably stick to getting my vitamins from fruits and vegetables and taking vita paks from gnc.

by Shannon Kimsey

I have heard from others that this works.

by I remember to take my vitamins

I actually really hate to take a bunch of pills in the morning. I got a sample of slice of life and thought they tasted good and.. why not? Adults can have fun stuff too.

Great product
by Linda

This product is great for adults that cannot or do not want to swallow vitamins. I tasted these and they tasted great! A very cirtusy and vibrtant taste. Now I can take good care of my body with vitamins and have it still taste good. I am glad a company has solved my problems.

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Marketing Manager
by Andrey Eliseenko

I want to purchase for you many products of series of vitamin B 12.
Please send to me the sample on test.

Thank you.

Russia,Moscow,115487,Prospekt Andropova,dom 29,korp.2,kv.28

by heather

I love these! If i can avoid taking actual vitamins its great! They taste good and the price isn't too bad either.

Worth Trying
by christine

These vitamins taste very good, but aren't a significant source of extra energy. I felt a little more energetic after consumption, but it didn't last for more than an hour. Still, I recommend trying them.

by Vicki L. Vertrees

Very impressed with product. I feel more vibrant and less cranky.