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Mass Factor

With post-workout nutrition, timing is everything. If you want major mass gains, you need to take advantage of the slim-but valuable-window of opportunity immediately after workouts. Because your muscles grow while they are recovering from the workout, and not during the workout, you need to feed them with a recovery supplement specifically designed to support muscular mass production. With Mass Factor that is exactly what you get! Here is why...

Mass Factor has been designed to inject a burst of growth-stimulating protein and carbs into your muscles after consumption to feed the growth frenzy of the first stage. Then, the next wave of slower-absorbing protein gets pumped into your muscles to support the second-stage growth spurt.

This "two-stage slower-absorbing activating system" is made possible through the use of "fast" and "slow" acting proteins and carbs. A blend of whey and casein provides the perfect protein combination, because research shows that whey protein is absorbed very rapidly into the body, while casein has a delayed absorption profile. Next, a specialized carbohydrate blend is used as the exclusive carb source. Why? Because it provides both a short and longer chain carbohydrate molecules. Short chains are absorbed rapidly and longer chains more slowly, feeding your muscles a continuous stream of clean carbs throughout both stages of the anabolic recovery phase.
Product: Mass Factor
Brand: EAS (More Products)
Size: 8 lbs
Dosage: Take 4 scoops 1-2 times daily
Retail: $72.95
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