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S-Drol (Superdrol)

S-DROL is perfect if your looking to lean up and not want to lose the strength that goes along with dieting down, or if your on an ALL OUT Mass attack, and want to do some serious bulking. The gains are very dry and lean, so little to no bloating or water retention is expected. You will notice the quality of muscle hardness and fullness within a very short period of time, as the gains come very rapidly.

The reason is most people associate “Mass” with what the scale displays, but when in reality most of the “Mass” producing products on the market really increase the scale reading because of the extra water weight that person is carrying. The downside to that is when you come off that particular product you see a drastic change in the reading on the scale and tend to get discouraged. S-DROL will help you put on the quality “Mass” your looking for, that you can keep after you discontinue the use of S-DROL.
Product: S-Drol (Superdrol)
Brand: Fastaction (More Products)
Size: 60 tablets
Dosage: 1-3 tablets daily
Retail: $59.99
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