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Halodrol Liquigels

Halodrol Liquigels™ consists of five separate ingredients, one of which is patented and licensed exclusively to Gaspari Nutrition for this type of product and a second ingredient that is patent pending (the application is published an awaiting an award with the United States Patent Office). This makes Gaspari Nutrition Halodrol Liquigels™ absolutely unique and in a class all by itself. There will never be another product in the supplement market place like this product.
Halodrol Liquigels™ uses a multi-faceted approach to physique augmentation. It represents the first truly "complete product" that tackles mass and strength modulation, fat amelioration and performance improvement in one product.
Changes in performance and physique can be seen in less than one week with the suggested use of Halodrol Liquigels™ which makes this not only an effective product but a fast working one too!
Most importantly…Halodrol Liquigels™ is not a prohormone type of product. While Halodrol Liquigels™ does contain a small amount of DHEA (which has en deemed acceptable so far by most regulatory agencies) there are no other ingredients in this product which are inherently androgenic or anabolic in nature!

Product: Halodrol Liquigels
Brand: Gaspari Nutrition (More Products)
Size: 60 gelcaps
Dosage: 1 gelcap
Retail: $69.99
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1 Customer Reviews

Waste of money
by Zach

I tried this stuff once and will never use it again. It seemed this it just drained the energy out of me and i never felt like working out while taking it. Needless to say I didn't have any gains from using it and would not recommend anyone to waste their money on this product.