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NEW!ADVANCED SCIENTIFIC WEIGHT GAIN FORMULASuperior massbuilder!*Supports dramatic muscle growth!*Helps increase strength!*Ultimate weight gain formula!*Delicious Chocolate Naturally & Artificially FlavoredDietary SupplementWhat Is Mass-Tech? What you are holding in your hands is a massbuilding formula that will change the way you build muscle! Extensive research and development has resulted in the formula for a truly advanced weight-gain supplement! Coming from the authority on muscle growth, MuscleTech's new MASS-TECH contains a unique blend of nutrients designed to help you build muscle and increase strength.* Your hard work in the gym deserves the results you can see and feel with the new MASS-TECH! New MASS-TECH's great-tasting formula is unlike any weight-gain powder ever developed and will make all other weight-gain formulas obsolete! AMAZING TASTE! The new MASS-TECH formula not only helps you build the muscle you want but it also has the taste you want. With mouthwatering Delicious Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate flavors, every serving tastes like a thick, delicious milkshake. HOW WILL MASS-TECH HELP YOU GAIN SIZE? New MASS-TECH's revolutionary formula is scientifically designed to deliver the nutrients you need to get bigger. Not only do the highest quality ingredients fuel MASS-TECH but its advanced delivery system helps infuse those nutrients into your muscle. New MASS-TECH's primary function is to deliver the kind of results you just can't get with other weight gain supplements. GAIN SERIOUS MASS! The science behind the key ingredients in MASS-TECH is outstanding! One 8-week study on weight-training subjects showed that, on average, adding 200 calories (the number of calories in two servings of MASS-TECH, each mixed with two cups of skim milk) consisting primarily of protein and carbohydrates to a high-protein diet containing approximately 2,300 calories, significantly increased their lean mass and muscle size. STACK MASS-TECH WITH OTHER GREAT PRODUCTS FROM MUSCLETECH Years of comprehensive research have produced the CELL-TECH/NITRO-TECH stack. This unique combination of musclebuilders is designed to help you build incredible muscle size and strength!* In one study, weight-training subjects combining the CELL-TECH/NITRO-TECH stack with their diets gained an average of 11.4 lbs. of mass in 8 weeks!2 What can you gain with America's #1 musclebuilding stack? For the latest musclebuilding tips, log onto our Web site, muscletech.com.When the protein component found in approximately one serving of MASS-TECH was tested in a study, protein synthesis increased by an average of 68 percent! That's amazing!1Million-Dollar Research Budget: A portion of every dollar spent on MuscleTech supplements is allocated toward funding scientific research to discover new and more effective ways to increase lean muscle mass and strength, reduce body fat and improve athletic performance.Scientific References: 1. Boirie, Y., et al. (1997). Proc Natl Acad Sci. 94:14930 2. Burke, D., et al (2000). [CELL-TECH/NITRO-TECH stack].
Product: Mass Tech Chocolate
Brand: Muscletech (More Products)
Size: 5 Pound Powder
Retail: $49.99
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