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Musclebuilding Stack

Biomedically Engineered
Rapid 15-DAY Transformation Cycle*
Forces Massive Muscle Growth From Day One!*
FREE INSIDE - Muscle Building Manual
Immediately Increases Strength By 10.5%*
100% Pure Anabolic Effects*
Key Components Scientifically Proven in Over 100 Clinical Studies
Product: Musclebuilding Stack
Brand: Muscletech (More Products)
Size: 1 kit
Dosage: See box for directions.
Retail: $99.99
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4 Customer Reviews

Assistant Fitness Manager The Rush Firness Comlpex
by Jason Smith

This product has sound research and proven ingredients. I tried this product a while back and saw good results. Some of the gains were fairly rapid and some took a little longer. The Gakic seemed to work well for me by buffering lactic acid and therefore allowing me to lift a little more weight than normal and still get reps. There is some debate on the effectiveness of creatine and I don't use it often ( mostly when I hit a plateau), but this is one of the best creatine products I have used. This is probably due to the bioavailabity of the creatine in this product and the transport agents. Creatine has too many studies to be ignored as a viable supplement. This is due to the ATP CP cycle or pathway used for short bursts of energy. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) releases one of it's CP molecules to create energy and then becomes ADP (adenosine diphosphate). ADP must then pick up another creatine phosphate molecule to again become ATP. When you take in creatine the body has a pathway to convert it to CP, so it stands to reason that more circulating creatine makes it easier for the body to pick up the CP molecule to have more ATP available before moving to the next pathway for energy production which is the glycolitic pathway. Leukic works well in that it helps in recovery by helping you stay more anabolic (synthesizing protein). Leukic is a form of the amino acid Leucine. Leucine is usually a limiting factor in protein synthesis since it has to be present for protein synthesis.Leucine is an essential ammio acid which means that your body can't synthesize or produce it. Leucine isn't practically derived from diet in the amounts needed by hard training individuals. This product is a great combination of supplements that really worked well for

Great for the serious athlete
by Barry

GAKIC Hardcore, LEUKIC Hardcore and CREAKIC Hardcore are combined in this incredible stack.
I have used these individually, but never combined them. When taken correctly, it helps me to train longer and harder, and aid in recovery. My bench improved, my squat and deadlift climbed after only 2 weeks. A major improvement I saw was the incredible intensity level I could train at, in a sustained way.
This is definitely a stack I will be trying out to replace my old ones- I will keep you posted on the gains..

by ??

I took this product for 3 days and had to stop because someone made me angry and my i turned green ripped off my clothes and gained like 150lbs of muscle instantly...

Stay Away
by Jason

Don't put this garbage in your body. Proper diet and vitamin/supplement intake along with a regular workout will do the trick. I took this for two weeks and it did not enhance my experience in building mass and working out in anyway.