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Miracle Worker!
by Christopher Mancilla

This product is hands down one of the greatest products made by cytosport. I was having trouble with maximizing my gains and was stuck at a platuea until i got this product. It was so amazing. In the first week i gain 5 pounds. Pure muscle!!! is that insane or what? well with a excellent product like this you can expect thoese kinda results. definatley not a waste of money and i will try it again! thank you cytosport for helping me with myfitness goal!

by Clint Whiting

This product mixes well and is an excellent source of the needed carbs, fat, and protein needed especially after a workout. The reccomended number of scoops seem to be a bit much. Instead of 4 scoops, I use just two and combine that with 2 cups of pure eggwhites, shake and drink. The eggwhites add an extra 52g of protien!

by ron

This products main source of weight gain is from the creatine which adds water weight. Cyto Gain will provide results, however mostly temporary as with the stoppage of taking the product,

Cyto Gainer
by Mike Trainer

This products main source of weight gain is from the creatine which adds water weight. Cyto Gain will provide results, however mostly temporary as with the stoppage of taking the product, weight gains will diminish.

Wanna get big or not... it works!
by Raymond Guzman

First off, I used this product for about 1 month. I went through 2 1/2 tubs of this stuff and gained 18 pounds!! This stuff works, and it works good. Don't listen to these whiners complain about the amount of servings you gotta take. It tastes great and goes down like water. If you work hard you WILL get awesome results.

by taylor

This product is great if your trying to build muscle and an excellent product because of its taste as well. I recommend that you would try the chocolate malt it tastes great and is good for workouts.

Good stack
by JZhu

CytoGainer has a great taste, it tastes like a store bought shake. The product does not have as much saturated fat, though 2.5g is still plenty in my book, compared to taking normal creatine. I have gained solid muscle on this product but I believe it is a bit too expensive. If you can afford it, go for it or you can just take protein and eat a lot of carbs.

You need to be consistent....
by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

I bought a tub off eBay maybe a few months ago. FIRST off, yet again the reviews have little to no truth. There is NO WAY anyone can take this 2-3 times a day. The dosage is FOUR HEAPING SCOOPS. That's how they get away with claiming the "most protein dosage" because simply the dosage is FOUR WHOPPING SCOOPS. I've been taking half the dosage because after the third scoop, it becomes a very thick shake. DO NOT use this with milk like mentioned in the review. It will be VERY thick. Use something like soy milk and it's not too bad (I have chocolate mint). Don't take the full dosage if you know what's good for you. Your body is probably not going to like it. Overall it's decent if you're consistent; taking this on and off won't do a darned thing.

Best so far
by Jacked

This is a good product, I have gained several pounds while using this product 2 to 3 times per day mixed with water. I tried the cookies and creme and the chocolate mint which were fine although not fantastic. It is better than many others in terms of flavor, and it does require 5 scoops so it won't last very long. I did not notice if the creatine did anything for me. Others complain about the taste of the chocolate so I stayed away from that one, and they also complain of bloating and cramps, etc., but if you mix it with water instead of milk and eat fiber during the day you should have no problems. Overall it is a good product and will work. I have gained 10 pounds and that took about a month.

Diffucult to get down, but does its job
by Mike

While this stuff does indeed work it's magic with honor, I had trouble getting a whole glass of the chocolate one down. It digests fine, but is difficult to hold onto, in my experience. After taking it for a month, I managed to gain around 10 pounds if I drank after working out. It is by all means a good product, except for the unpleasant taste.

Near-Perfect Weight Gainer
by Brandon Bilinki

I weighed 190 at the beginning of last summer and wanted to be 210 at the end without raising my body fat percentage, and this product was essential in helping me out. Whereas most weight gainers stick you with tons of saturated fat and sugars, this one has only 2.5 g of saturated fat per serving, and only 6 g of sugar (compared to the 79 g of total carbs). Not only this, but it has a whopping 54 g of protein and 3 g of creatine.

All these points would be worthless if it tasted so horrible that no one could drink it, but I am happy to say the vanilla that I had was actually quite tasty. I mixed 4 scoops in a Gatorade bottle with milk and flax seed oil to make a 900 calorie meal that took no time to devour. This stuff is on sale pretty regularly at GNC, so pick some up!

Perfect Purchase for the Aspiring Body Builder
by Sean

I honestly loved this stuff. I switched over from a lower-grade protein that was tough to mix and tasted bad. CytoGainer comes in a few flavors that are tasty enough to drink repeatedly throughout the day. Mixes well, digests easy, great results. Decent price, I enjoyed how it never emptied my wallet. Great buy.

Great stuff
by Bryan M

I had tried muscle milk also by Cytogainer, and wanted more. I've been on Cytogainer for around a year now off and on. At first I shot up in weight, around 20 lbs in 1 month, and then leveled off and slowly gained. The balance of creatine and glutamine is perfect and key. It helps build mass, but not too much creatine to hinder or stunt growth or cause water logging of the muscles. It is a great product, and I will continue to use.

For the Hard gainer
by MK

It doesn't taste as good as Muscle Milk, but it's not bad! It mixes easily so a blender isn't necessary. I have a hard time gaining weight, but this helped me put on about 10lbs! The only bad thing is that I eventually got sick of the taste and the only flavor I could really drink was Rocky Road.

by startnout

Great taste and cheap price = Spectacular Product. Tastes incredible, almost like muscle milk. The chocolate mint tastes like a girl scout cookie. Mixes very well and smells nice too. You can take it with water or milk if you need extra calories. You really should not take it on a cut, but if you want a quick treat that is not really that "bad" for you then this is a good substitute.

My only qualm with this product is that the carbs are from maltodextrin, a high G.I. (glycemic Index) carb. The GI index measures the rate at which glucose will be released into the blood stream. Oatmeal is pretty low and dextrose is close to the top (if not the top), Maltodextrin is closer to dextrose. Maltodextrin, however, is not a "sweet" carb.

2 Customer Opinions

by David Garza

Okay. Too expensive considering the amount of servings it contains. The taste is pretty good, but i don't like that you're forced to add a lot of water (or your choice of drink) in order to be able to mix the four scoops.

Regarding portion size
by Andrew Bryant

First, I'm a hard gainer and went from 148lbs to 165 lbs in one month. Three months later, and 4 tubs later I'm 176 lbs. I take 2 scoops with milk immediately following a workout, and 2 scoops with milk right before bed. My rep bench went from 115 to 195. My squats went from 135 to 255. I do 5 day split, 6 sets / major body part, 4 sets / minor (sets total). Only thing else I do is eat a ton, take a multi vitamin and try to get 8 hours of sleep. I don't look like Adonnis yet, but will very soon. Note: I'm 6'0".