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by david larkin

you can add most anything to your weight gainer peanutbutter anything that taste good to you ice cream juice

by fazith

this is very good body mass supplement

by Eric

I am 100% satisfied with this product. I have always had intentions of gaining weight being only 22 y/o and a raging metabolism. I had been lifting and attempting to gain weight for months by eating well and adding protein supplements/creatine but would always manage to max at a lowly 151 lbs. After getting in an accident and ending up under 150 I decided to add 1 scoop to a shake twice a day and have already exceeded my previous record of 151 and will keep going until I am at 160 or 170. I would also recommend eating healthy food and hitting the gym at least 4-5 times a week.

weght gainer
by john

this product is very good. you can reduce your scoops but your not going to notice that much of a difference inless you can eat the calories and protien threw out the day that you didnt drink. i only drink the 2 scoops and drink alot of creatine and iv noticed a big change. but i also work out twice a day. you got to eat alot of lean meats and i drink my servings at night after my work out. but the best time to take it is at night so your body will take longer to digest so you can get more protien out of it.

Reducing Scoops
by MarcusWannaMuscles

I just started taking Weight Gainer 1850 and I think it's not that bad in terms of taste.. but I find that the scoops are a little too much... is there any way that I can reduce the amount of scoops?

by funkamania

I have friends that raved about this, but they are into intensive training.

I'm a 19 yr old female who is very underweight. I'm looking for products to help me gain 3 - 4 kg soon. Can someone recommend me if this is better or muscle milk?

I swim 3 times a week and hope to gain some mass.


by Matt H

Definitely good way to add a few pounds if you're looking to do so. Pretty good taste. 4stars

by VeeVee

The taste is great especially with silk milk it comes in flavors so you can match the milk to the powder flavor, it really is good the only problem is getting all the servings down but if you can and you stick to it and eat right EVERYDAY it will work!

its good
by jonathon

I have been taking weight gainer 1850 for about 2 weeks. I'm already seeing results!
i have been working out once a day and drinking a glass of the dutch chocolate weight gainer along with eating alot
i mostly eat alot of eggs and Ramon noodles.
im not seeing much but definitely something, my arms look bigger and i feel like its working
the scale still says 130 but i think that will change soon

Too many scoops
by Jamey Bowser

I bought this thinking it would be a great meal replacement, but when you compare to other products that are just protein powders, the only reason this is a weight gainer is because of the HUGE scoops you have to use. This actually has less calories and protein per gram than other products of the same manufacturer. I would recommend you read the nutritional information carefully before buying.

Not just for kids
by Cydney

My brother joined a senior soccer team and quickly realized he needed to bulk up a little. A number of the other players on the team suggested he try Pro Performance Weight Gainer 1850. They had used the product for months with good results. He has been taking it for two months and tells me it works for him. He finds no problem with the taste.

Excellent taste.
by Bryan M

This is the best tasting stuff I've ever had, and I've been around the block with proteins/weight gainers. I can't stress enough how great this stuff tastes. It has a good amount of calories if you are trying to put on mass, but has no creatine, which is good and bad. If you are trying to just mass up naturally, this is the way to go, take 2-3 shakes a day. Definitely worth getting.

Not Great
by Christina

My husband tried this product and could not get past the taste. He tried the chocolate, but could not consume enough of it on a regular basis to make a difference.

It Works, But It's Gross
by Kevin Lumpkin

My old roommate was big into bulking up, and had a big jar of this stuff in his room - when I asked him what it was, he told me all about it. Watching his progress in training, I can tell you that the product definitely works, but when I asked to try it - just to have had the experience - I found that bulking up comes at the expense of your taste buds. I'd rather just eat chocolate all day (probably not the kind of bulk you'd want, but still.)

Great Bulk
by Stacy

My husband uses Pro Performance® Weight Gainer 1850 to bulk up when he is lifting and he swears by this stuff. It provides nice bulk and gain and doesn’t make him feel light headed.

Be Careful
by Jill S.

My husband has always been on the thin side, so he gave this weight gain product a try. He tried the strawberry flavor. He was very unhappy with the results. My husband had terrible cramping and stopped using it right away. Our GNC price for this product was $35.99, which I thought was a little high.

Product Really Works!
by Lisa

My husband weight trains 5-6 days per week and is constantly trying new products to help increase weight. This is a product he uses regularly as a daily supplement. He usually mixes it in a shake with skim milk and fruit. Not as bad of an aftertaste as similar products. He has said it can give a bit of bloating sometimes, but overall great product!

works good taste good
by Andy Moua

I tried this when I was on the high school wrestling team. When I needed to gain weight to move up to another weight class, I took a couple cups of these everyday which I loved doing because it taste like chocolate milk. It works like a charm and now I weigh more than before.

by zheng

Before I tried this product, I was highly skeptical. So, I did not hold much expectation at all on this product. To my surprise, I found it is actually tasted quite good and when mixed with skim milk, it is comparable to real chocolate milk. It is a pleasure, rather than a torture, to drink a glass of it after each workout!!

It works
by Gb

When I was a freshman a few years ago and wanted to get on the wrestling team. I used this to gain enough weight to get on the team.

No nonsense
by SB

When taking whey protein supplements, I always worry about the quality of the protein, when everyone at the gym has a nightmare to tell about bloating or cramping from a product. The GNC pro performance weight gainer 1850 gave none of these problems and I packed on enough weight to start for my varsity football team.

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