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thirty six
by arshad


looking for some advice
by hardy

i'm a beginner and i'm using this product ( pro performance weight gainer 2200 gold) for almost 1 week now,,i mixed 3-4 scoop + half liter of milk,,my question is:
--when is the right time to drink this product, after gym or during exercise?
--is it okay to drink this product even without going to gym?
--how many scoop should i take everyday to gain weight faster?
i really need some advice from a professional who may read this..thanks

best weight gainer i've used EVER
by eieio

I see a lot of negative comments about this product - yes its a lot to consume per serving, but IT WORKS!!!

and yes it has 50 grams of sugar per serving - which is a lot, but I don't believe anyone will be drinking this regularly for months. A few servings per week + regular lifting will help you gain serious mass.

I've used this product (Vanilla flavor) anytime i want to add 10-20 pounds, its the best, last time I was able to go from 173 to 195 within 1 month (@ 6ft tall). IT WORKS!!

by WLG

I am 19 yrs old 5'7'' 110 lbs, I want to enlist in the military but for my height I should weight 121 lbs. I have tired hyperbolic mass gainer and did not get any results. Although I do not work out or lift weight ofcoarse, the extra calorie intake should help. I started taking Weight Gain 2200 a few days ago, I only take one scoop, that's all I can do it isnt the best tasting, along with that I take two bottles of Ensure plus and eat three meals a day. Any other advice?

by cary

liked product, but why did they stop making the 2200 in chocolate?



by david larkin

i have used this gainer and the 1850 as well gained 33lbs in about 2mo looking to use again

by Mike

well i first took this product and was like how the hell am i suppose to drink 3 heaping scoops when it tastes like mud, then my bro showed me to use warm-hot water instead and i swear it tastes like hot chocolate, took 1 of the heaping scoops 3 diff times a day, went too fast tho, didnt notice weight difference cause it was gone like that

Really Works
by PK

I originally started taking this product over 3 months ago and I WASN'T consistent with it because it was too much at once (with the 4 Large Scoops- the taste was too much to bare), so of course it didn't work at the time. Now I've been using this product consistently now for a little over a week and I have gained 6 Pounds already by just chaning my method of intake.
This is what I do: I blend 4 scoops of the powder with 48 ounces of liquid in the blender (36 oz of Milk, 12 oz water) and place in the frige. This allows me 3 servings at around 1,000 calories per serving. I only drink 2 a day (one when I wake up and one at night) which gives me the 2,000 calories on top of what I eat, which equals a little over 3,000 calories per day (sometimes even more depending on what I eat). Splitting it up makes it easier to drink, and it actually taste like a milkshake now that I'm not using 4 LArge scoops in one shake. This has REALLY been working for me, Im so happy with the results. I started out at 114lbs and now I'm at 120lbs in just a little over a week! Just 10lbs to go and I will be there Shortly!! I Hope this helps!

Log - 4 stars for taste, 2 for amount in cup
by DJ

I just started this product today. Looked at the scooper and thought cut it in half. This drink is not as bad as everybody says. I drank 1 1/2 scoops with 16 ounces of water and thought it tasted better than most protain drinks. I will write another review when i finish this product to give a compleat review.

The best product ever.
by Purcell

This is a good product. This is actually my third weight gainer I taken. The first two I took was when I was in my second year of high school, and I honestly can't remember if this product works, but after 5 years later I decided to take it again and I finish it 3 weeks ago. I have gain 10 punds in about less than 2 weeks. When I started taken this I was 169 now im 180 thanks to this product. Plus i'm 6'1.

Another thing about this product is that you need to eat. Lean meat, red meat,eggs, etc. You cant just take this product and expect to just gain weight you have to eat and lift hard to get good results.

Thirdly, this product is too much take for one serving. One serving is 3 large scoops,in 24 onces or water and milk and your body cant take that much. So what I do is that I take 3-2 servings a day. One in the morning, evening and sometimes before bedtime. One scoop in 8 onces of 2% low fat milk is 733 calories which is still good. So do the math.

Overall, this weight gain product is great for hardgainers but remeber you have to eat and lift to gain good results.

Legit weight gain?
by Big Nick

I'm a very solid 250lbs. When I started lifting I went from a skinny 140lbs to a lean and strong 180lbs in a very short period of time. Some of these reviews rave that when they took this they went from 150lbs to 170lbs in 1 month(example). These sound like simply beginner gains. 20-30lbs of muscle gain when a person first starts lifting is pretty normal even without much supplementation or diet change. Once those beginner gains plateau and level off is when one should start focusing on supplementation and serious diet. I've never taken this product, it might work, it might not. My point is when some one tells you that they went from 150lbs to 170lbs it might just be their muscles reacting to stimulation they have never seen before and not necessarily some powder supplement. If you really want to find out if a weight gainer works ask somebody who is almost at their natural limit in lean(ish) body weight and is striving to pack on a few possible last pounds of muscle with the help of a supplement. Ask that person if the supplement helped them achieve those much sought after, hard to reach gains.

It Works
by WG

It really works as long as you know that you should ethier split the servings or take it at the end of the day because taking this earlier will not make you as hungry later, therefore less food on top of the 2200. if you get the mudbutt your body doesnt need that much . try smaller servings or maybe you should work out and take it.

Weight Gainer
by Ken

For some reason, every time I use this product mixed with milk, I get diarrhea really bad. I've been using this for 3 weeks now with 3 days at the gym, and I didn't gain a pound.

worst stuff ever
by mcl

The worst product I've ever spent my money on. Each serving is one pound of powder mixed with milk. Are you kidding me? How do I drink all that? I had half that and struggled not to throw up. Sure, I can eat a pound of food, but it's a different story when you're drinking the nastiest stuff ever tasted. Not to mention I got diarrhea for 2 days when I started drinking this product. I drank it for 2 weeks, gained about 2-3 pounds (but that probably came from all the real food I was eating), then I went on vacation for July 4th, came back, started drinking it again and guess what happened. Drink mass 1000, half the calories, for about 1/4 the serving, and no diarrhea.

by lori fleming

I am anxious to try the weight gainer I have a hard time gainning weight and I have heard so much good things about it.

The Real Thing
by Connor

If yu want to gain weight, you've found the right product. I've been taking weight gainer gold 2200 for nearly 3 months now and have no regrets at all about taking this product. I went from 150-180 lbs! I couldnt even believe it myself. I went to the gym 4 times a week and pumped as hard as I could and would fix a shake and a well sized dinner right after. This DOES work and it's absolutely amazing. You need to remember to eat 3 very good sized meals and work out at least 45 min. every other day and you weight will shoot up incredibly fast!

o my o my
by Assaf Hisherik

I was 160 pounds and wanted to gain another 20. After 2 months and a lot of hard work this weight gainer helped me do it.

weight gainer 2200 vs. mass xxx
by Anonymous

i take a scoop of gnc mass xxx before every workout in hopes of gaining some weight...would the weight gainer be better suited for what im looking for?

its ok
by matt


its grea
by klollol

i gained300pounds within 2 wekk its greattttt!

Commitment is the Key
by TBreaux

I have taken a few products in my life time but this one is by far the BEST!!! When in 20 years old in college, I maxed out at 170 lbs. dripping wet. I was in the gym everyday, benching 315lbs (max) and couldn't gain one darn pound. When I was 27, I was still at 170lbs. I took this damn shake and was committed to drinking 3 scoops in the morning and 3 scoops in the evening, while eating three square meals and working out like an animal. At the end of ONE week, I gained 13 lbs.!!!! All my friends told me it was just water weight and I would shrink once I stopped taking the shake...WRONG!!! I lost about 3 pounds and kept 10. Since then I have taken the shake on two other occasions, about a year apart and I am currently averaging 10lbs every time I use it. FYI...taking 3 scoops twice a day for a week will require you to purchase two containers. If you are committed, expect the same results but I must warn you, three scoops, twice a day, with three square meals is very difficult! I was bursting at the seams but you must persevere.

Long story short, I have gone from 170 lbs. to 205 lbs. pure muscle in 3 years. Not impressive but considering the fact that the only time I gained weight is when I took Weight Gainer 2200 GOLD on those three occasions says a lot. I am taking it again and at the end of this week, I plan on reaching a weight 215!

It works!
by R. Shah

This stuff really works! At first I was skeptical about taking it, but once I started I gained 10 pounds in one month! Not only does it work, but it taste great and its easy to use. The only thing I didn't like about the product is you have to use alot of scoops which makes the drink a little bit thick depending on how much liquid you add. Other than that I think it one of GNC's best product and I already have another tube on its way!!

Great for gaining weight
by Jason

This is a perfect product if you're looking for a boost in your daily calorie/protein intake. When working out in hopes to add mass, it is very important to have a proper diet and get a lot of calories, carbohydrates, and protein each day. This mix has it all and will help you boost up your numbers with just one drink. It mixes well and tastes good (which is great for any mix).

You will gain weight
by Paul

Whether you gain fat or muscle is up to your work at the gym. I went from 145 lbs to almost 155 lbs when taking this one year in college and lifting weights at the gym several days a week. One thing to realize, is that if you use this to gain muscle, you will be taking this and lifting hard for as long as you want to maintain that weight gain (at least until you get old enough that your metabolism slows down). It does get to be a lot of work to maintain so I quit but it does work.

Muscle builder
by caleb

I started college this past fall weighing 145. I started taking GNC creatine (and lifting every other day) I noticed a huge difference over the first month. I gained 9 lbs. in the first month, mostly muscle. But since the beginning when I started taking it, I've gained a total of 17 lbs. Its not a bad price in comparison to all protein supplements but you have to work out in order for this to be affective.

Weight Adder
by Silvio Chiba

This product really works, and that is not a surprise after looking at the heap of nutrition of this product. I gained 10 pounds in a few weeks from this product. I then tried to turn it into muscle at the gym, but that is another story. Overall, buy it if you want to add some meat to your frame.

Great product!
by Pattie

For years my husband was underweight and tried every 'diet' to gain more. This product worked for him, while working out at the gym. He finally gained weight and turned it into muscle. He recommended it to his uncle, who had the same weight gain problem… and he also looks fantastic now!

2 Customer Opinions

GNC 2200
by Josh

Dear All

I started GNC weight gainer 2200 after read all your review.

I am 30 ers with 180 cm height & 65 Kg weight

I feel below average then i started Jim

Pls assist me what type of exercise have to doto build body + weight

Don't expect miracles
by Steven

First of all, I never drink three scoops at once!
I do 1 scoop in the morning, another one afternoon and then one at night.
three scoops is alot, and it tastes horrible, even if you add a banana or strawberries.

but this product cannot make miracles by itself. you need to keep eating more and more and exercise.