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by jake

This stuff is just plain nasty and hard to drink! The fruitpunch flavor is just rancid. I would take any NO product before this cause most of them have at least that much creatine in them as well. Just try something else before this.

need it
by jgray

this is the best stuff i have taken i grew 2" on my arms

Workout Boost
by Dustin

This stuff is a great source of creatine that will definitely help you workout longer and recover quicker. If you haven't ever tried creatine, then give this a try and you will notice an upswing in your ability to lift for an increased amount of time.

A little over the top
by Jason

This product is a little over the top. I tried it for a month years ago and haven't used it again since. The bottom line is that creatine is creatine. You load it with 30g's for the first five days and then take in just 5mg (a teaspoonful) each day after that to keep them saturated. This product has a bunch of other nonsense in it that isn't really needed but sounds good to someone who doesn't know a lot about body building. If you have extra cash this product is fine, if not just stick to straight creatine.

I love it
by Andy Moua

I took this in high school and I loved it. It allowed me to work out more than average without feeling sore the next day. My muscles kept getting bigger and bigger until finally ran out of creatine. Superb stuff!

My Hubby Loved it!!
by dee

When my hubby started working out again after we had our baby he loved this stuff! He said that he was able to gain more muscle mass and it gave him energy than if he wasn't taking it. So he therefore I recommend it!!

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by rod

Question - have about a full container but it went out of date 02/07. Any bad affects if still use it ??
Just want to use it for muscle tone not exercise for read that it would still benefit senior men to take it.
Thanks -