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Whey Protein All Nat

Jarrow Formulas, 100% all natural Whey Protein, is rich in glycomacropeptides, which are biologically active proteins that improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and growth of bifidobacteria.*

Whey Protein, is manufactured using a vegetarian rennet enzyme and is specially processed to concentrate and preserve glutamine. Predigested Whey, such as that found in peptides and hydrolyzed Whey products, results in a loss of glutamine. Therefore, Jarrow Formulas, Whey is NOT hydrolyzed. Also, Whey Protein, is extremely rich in essential amino acids that raise the biological efficiency of the protein.*

Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein, manufactured in Wisconsin, is state certified to be Grade A quality and does not contain pesticides or herbicides and is negative for antibiotics (each batch is tested for antibiotics).*
Product: Whey Protein All Nat
Brand: Jarrow Formulas (More Products)
Size: 2 LBS
Dosage: 1 scoop, 1-2x daily
Retail: $29.95
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3 Customer Reviews

Jarrow Whey Protein
by Erich

After looking for some time I finally found an unflavored protein powder. In my book, the worse it tastes, the better it is for you. To my surprise, this does not even taste that bad (it certainly does not taste good by the conventional sense either).

I would be hard pressed to find a better protein. It mixes well (I don't even have a real shaker, I just use a sports bottle and shake the heck out of it) and disolves pretty easily. Every now and then if I don't shake hard enough there will be some chunks. Price is good. Quality is good. If you are looking for a no nonsense protein that deosn't have all the artificial sweeteners then this is it!

Not bad
by rui

This protein isn't the best that I've ever had. The taste is a bit chalky but the amount of protein may be well worth it. I personally enjoy something that mixes better with milk and tastes better going down. Price wise not bad compared to others.

It's Ok
by Marcus

This product is Ok. The taste is awful, and it doesn't mix well. But that is the problem with most whey supplements. If you can stand the taste and texture, this product does provide results, however.